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I had something other than this to acknowledge but……I found this disturbing this morning.

I’m checking in on some of the folks I follow and I’m reading a very well stated view of what appears to be the 2 choices in the upcoming General Election in November…. I’m referring to the contest between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump (the situation for the Republicans is way past doing something good). And the posting was merely pointing out the downside of both the candidates and how those effect her personally.

This individual was ravaged by fans (an accomplished writer and recording artist) saying all sorts of cruel stuff. One individual was saying that the musicians music would be permanently off his play list! HUH???? I really don’t get the correlation! Because of a political posting they are no longer a fan and have banished the musician’s music for possibly eternity!! You’re a fan of the individuals music because of politics??? I’ve had it wrong all this time! I was only there appreciating the talent, the rhythm, the melody, harmonies and story. And all the time I was supposed to be choosing the music I listen to after considering the artist’s possible political affiliation!!

That is ridiculous to me….they were rough comments, ugly, mean, spiteful, NASTY!!! When have we become such a demanding childish society? Is it Burger King’s fault….”Have it your way!” Sheeeessssh!
I’ve seen other people on their social media pages stating that if you don’t feel the way they feel about a certain political candidate that you will be dropped like a ‘hot potato’ in a New York second.
I don’t get it. The only guideline I have is to be nice.


We need to be a bit more tolerant. There’s a lot to gain by being around others with opposing views and values. I recall once befriending a woman who was an atheist. She was my first, I had never met an atheist before then. She was remarkably compassionate, kind, loving, beautiful inside and out. Much more pleasant and enjoyable than my religious friends/acquaintances at the time. This had a very positive effect on me……I became far, far less judgmental. I’ve become more observant and tolerant because of her.

Clinton vs. Trump. Democrats vs. Republicans. Blacks vs. Whites. Muslims vs Christians. It goes on and on. Reminds me of choosing sides in the school yard.
Our differences are a good thing. The benefit us far greater than if we were all the same.

So, after reading thru the nasty postings it was like I needed to bathe my mind with some positive and uplifting readings…..which I did.

Everyone is totally entitled to set their own standards, run their social sites as they desire, hold their beliefs dear to them and conduct their lives as they see fit. I do.


I just don’t think we as a society need to become so mean and bitter over opposing views and beliefs. For surely if we were born on their side of the tracks we would be them.

I think that being disturbed this morning has turned out well. I’ve realized how much I gain thru my tolerance and am more appreciative of those who are different and open my eyes to the other world around me.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,

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