Fearlessly(?) Moving-Abroad

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Fearlessly(?) Moving-Abroad

Fearlessly(?) Moving-Abroad.  I’m moving abroad regardless of who wins the presidency I’m more focused on beaches, peacefulness, and the things I love.

No, it has nothing to do with politics or such. The reason firstly is for the ‘adventure’, secondly (you won’t believe this) it’s cheaper and thirdly (you won’t believe this either) better healthcare. Since I’m not here to discuss or convince anyone of the 2nd and 3rd reasons, if you want to question those 2 dig in and do some research, I did. I can actually live in any country in Europe cheaper than I can live here in the states. Yes, that includes France. Note, France has the best healthcare system in the world and Obamacare can’t reach you there.

Fearlessly(?) Moving-Abroad

Moving-abroad, absolutely attracted to the adventure aspect. Living in a new culture. I find that exciting. I’m not interested in learning just learning something from reading a book or a site on the internet, I want the ‘experience’. I want to eat their food, visit their historical sites, delve into their way of life. I’m not interested in living like I’m in America, I’m interested in living an acclimated life.

Moving-abroad first stop is going to be Puerto Morelos Mexico.DSC_0018 Beautiful waters, beautiful beaches, peaceful. I’ll probably fall in love with the place. Located between Cancun and Playa del Carmen right on the water, snorkeling distance to the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world. From there Central America to Belize for a spell. Then we’ll see, perhaps South America and then…maybe the south Pacific and Asia.

Fearlessly? Yep, you see I’ve done all the research I can do, that leaves the adventure. There’s not much adventure in clocking in for 9 to 5 sort of thing, and there’s not much adventure in doing the ‘known’. I’ve looked at the problems, enlisted the solutions, no reason to delve in to them since those problems no longer exist.

Fearlessly(?) Moving-Abroad

I’ll keep everyone here posted on the progress of moving-abroad, plus there will be another blog page established just for the adventure of moving-abroad!
Have a FAB day!


Peace, Love, and Beaches,

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