3-Things To Change………….


There’s always room for improvement in our lives. We just don’t see it because we’ve come to accept things as our life. It’s supposed to be there. For instance, I’m working on a project outside and I come across something that ‘needs’ to be thrown out but it hasn’t been for quite some time. Well, it just simply has become a part of the scenery. But, it really needs to be gone because it has no usefulness, takes up space, is unsightly to others, etc. It’s bad. So here’s three bad things that don’t serve us well.

  1. Putting things off.  This is a biggie for me which I’m having to face up to as I’m readying my house for sale or lease since I’ve decided to live a nomadic life traveling abroad. I can’t put off fixing or cleaning things and I can’t put off upgrading things. I can’t put off delving into those aspects of living abroad that are foreign to me, that I don’t understand, that must be done. One of the 3-Things I have to be done with, Putting things off.
  2. Negative Language. Rid myself of it and it’s twin negative thinking. The phrases ‘I can’t’, ‘I don’t Know’, ‘I’m scared’….all these and more. They have an influence as the thought becomes the word that becomes the deed. So, let’s undue the Negative Language, making everything positive regardless of what it is. Why? Because we’ll begin to ‘SEE’ the positive, speak the positive, and do the positive. I’m POSITIVE of this! Another of the 3-Things, No more Negative Language.
  3. Watching too much TV. Down time, decompressing….yeah but too much leads to laziness. Plus we can’t control the content of our favorite show and why is it our favorite show? It’s a gruesome show, lots of violence, gory details, where the bad guy has an element of charm/charisma that keeps us riveted. Not good. It’s like for some reason we’ve decided to seek out BAD COMPANY! I know, it’s entertainment, it’s not for real…. But, it’s bad company. I found myself watching one such show recently and I asked myself why am I watching this, it’s appalling! It brings into my life things I would prefer to not be familiar with. Too much TV!

Change is not bad…….

There’s really more than 3-Things, but I find that working on small things brings about big results.

So, I have too many new and good habits to delve into. As I’m finding travel insurance, itineraries, learning another language, I’m readying myself in a positive way for my new experience.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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