The Passion of Chocolate

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“Chocolate is the answer, and it doesn’t really matter what’s the question.”

Giving in to what we want isn’t such a bad thing. Too much of a good thing?? Push it, let’s find out if there’s a limit what it is, and enjoy! Too often we’re told ‘too much of a good thing isn’t good for us’, but is that true for ALL good things? I think we should give in to all our pleasures, where’s the harm?

So, other than chocolate, what is your chocolate (passion, pleasure, fun, etc)? Maybe it’s travel, maybe it’s reading, maybe it’s love, maybe it’s spreading the message of peace, maybe it’s photography, maybe it’s smiling, maybe it’s running…..  I don’t see where would be any harm in pursuing  any of these!!!  Damn, do it!

The voices of dissension are from those who fear, lack passion, lack of vision of their lives. Perhaps there is no ‘grand plan’ that some mystic being has for our lives and we don’t do because we’re taught that we should deprive ourselves of our pleasures for our dedication to some unseen master.

Nothing wrong with a little pleasure, especially chocolate!

Is what someone we think is judging us so important that it rules our pleasures? I think not! When we depart this dusty plant, we should have used up all our fun, pleasures, organisms, laughs, etc. Don’t leave anything behind but the memory of us living a life to it’s fullest!  That’s our ‘chocolate’! (Other than the actual chocolate itself).

Does anyone really think that there’s too much enjoyment of going to the beach and it has some negative effect on me because I pursue this passion. Read up on negative ions and get back to me afterwards.

I’m looking to live-abroad on a beach……read, play music, write, live. Passion!

Let’s give in to our passion!  We won’t know how far we can go til we’ve gone as far as we can…..let’s get going!!!

Challenging limits isn’t a bad thing! Let’s enjoy our chocolate!

Peace, Love, and Beaches to you,


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