Fear of Failure………………….

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Fear of Failure

Dead in your tracks! That’s what fear of failure does, stops you dead in your tracks. I know, because I’ve been up close and personal with all my fears. They ain’t friendly, pretty, and the sure in hell don’t play nice.

So how did we acquire the ‘fear of failure’? We did have some help, and we got it mostly or I should say they gave us a foot up on this ‘fear of failure.’ and that was our parents. Out of the goodness of their hearts they …didn’t want to see us get hurt, embarrassed, scorned, poke fun at, etc. so they took some initiative. They warned us of chasing a dream and they warned us of taking a chance. They warned us!  And the consequences weren’t pretty. Nothing that they would met out, but rather the result of my own doings. Gads!!!  Why in the hell would I want to inflict so much pain on myself. Bring shame on myself and possibly even my family if others were to find out. So, I best not try.

What’s a person to do….we really could use their support and encouragement, but that ship has sailed. We’ll never amount to anything, success and the achieved dream will always be for someone else.

Dang! I don’t like that! The other fellow breathes the same air that I do, walks the same ground, eats, sleeps, talks……hell, we’ve got a lot in common.

No need to fear……

There comes a point in time where either we continue to believe the lie or we start believing the truth.

Now…..the lie has been told to us repeatedly and mostly by people who love us dearly, and others who have nestled themselves in to our lives. BUT!!!  It doesn’t mean that I have to believe it.

Here’s something simple that can get us ALL on the right foot to breaking away from the lie and live the truth and thus become an encouragement to EVERYONE!

Put our sights on our dream, break it down in to phases, have steps to accomplish thru each of those phases, and do them. One by one. BUT, most importantly DON’T TELL ANYONE!!! Just do, and do, and do, and keep doing. We don’t have to say a word. Our efforts will show thru….our effort will convince the most important person that what we want is within our grasps and that person is US! We’re the most important. You want to do good things for others? Do something good for yourself that allows you to at some point share. You can’t give something you don’t have!

So, we can defeat ‘fear of failure’ merely but not sharing out goals and doing what it takes to achieve our goals!

Now, shut up and go do…..I am!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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