Say Something Nice…………

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Say Something Nice…………

Be nice.  Who doesn’t like a compliment!

I bet you do.

It feels good to get a deserved pat on the back, some recognition, appreciation, and acknowledgement. I don’t feel it happens often enough. That’s why I’m starting right now to make an earnest effort to say something nice. Not make something up, but  express my kindness. I’ll find a way. Only good can come from doing good. Sort of like planting and apple seed…..I’m not likely to get an banana  or citrus tree. I’m gonna get an apple tree. This may sound trivial, but I’m thinking this will turn into something BIG!

What can it possibly hurt and it won’t cost any money! This could grow into something phenomenal. It’s like a ‘pay it forward’ thing. I’m thinking BIG! You see, I’m thinking that once you start it, that the person receiving the compliment is really going to like the way they feel and want to compliment another and keep passing in on. It’s MAGIC!

I think I’m gonna include myself in on this…..let me know what I appreciate about me, allow myself to feel the love. I’ll start with telling myself each time I’m near a mirror. Depending on where you’re at in regards to being complimented, this may be a great way to bequeath some enthusiasm to yourself.

It doesn’t cost anything to be nice……

I’m putting out a lot of effort in preparing for a life of travel. I’m putting a lot of effort in reading my house for sale or lease. It gets a bit lonely doing that, and not hearing anything from a cheering section. I’m gonna focus my attention on encouraging myself there. Perhaps, you may have projects that will require you to be provide your own encouragement.

Sometimes it’s just something simple that we don’t pay attention to that can make a world of difference.

Say Something Nice.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


p.s. Tomorrow is my expansion day here. Don’t be shy, come back.

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