Peace, Love, and Beaches

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Peace, Love, and Beaches

Peace, love and beaches!  This is the things that my mind is most likely occupied with…. I believe that the more thought and energy I apply to the things I love, the more likely I am to experience them. I hold them tight in my thoughts, in my heart, in my deeds, and in my writings. Sometimes they are more obvious than others.

I think of first a peaceful existence within me. That’s where it starts. If I believe, I will achieve. It takes self encouragement and 2 of my heroes;  John Lennon and Ringo Starr. I believe they provide me with a firm foundation for establishing a peaceful inner being, then effecting my immediate environment and those around me….and hopefully others will catch that dream too. My inner peace I initiate thru my morning meditation. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Some days my mind is anywhere but where I am……I just work thru it.

Just because I have people and situations that challenge and I may fail at times doesn’t mean I’ve failed or should abandon…..I’m just temporarily succumbing to idiots. Give me a BREAK!!!

Peace, love, and beaches…..

Love. All I Need Is Love. Oh, my….yes. It is a much better choice than the alternative. Feel the difference!!!!  Think of music…the best songs are about ‘Love’. Many people know how I feel about them. I tried to let them know in a way that is relevant to our relationship. Not everyone feels the same and I have to accept that. But it doesn’t mean that I have to change to accommodate that.  Accepting that is a big part of loving them. How to spread that love is a matter of creativity and it is related in focus of the peace I write about above.

Beaches….ha! Where the fuck does that fit in here!!!  Well, I love beaches. They attract me (they I believe, love me). I live near some of the finest beaches in the U.S., I’m moving to live on some of the most beautiful beaches outside the U.S. starting with the Mayan Riviera at the end of the summer. I find the beach peaceful and relaxing. It recharges my inner being, clarifies my senses, hell… makes me happy!!Siesta Key, Florida  I love to do the things that make me ‘happy’. A bit of friendly advice, you should too. It might be a white capped mountain and a sky lodge. Follow your heart.

Alright! I feel as if I’ve been a bore! So, I’ll move along and bring a bit more entertainment the next time around…..hopefully.

Coming soon, a new beach on my beach page, a new menu heading for beach bars with my first writing and 3 new articles.

I’m open to hearing any suggestions from anyone. About anything! Well, except the size of Donald Trumps hands and penis.


Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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