Happy Birthday To Me

It’s my Birthday, Cumpleasnos, Anniversaire, Rodendan, Anniversariu, Compleanno, Fodelsedag!!!!   Yeah, it’s my birthday, in all these languages and more. I’m enjoying it too. My birthday. Thus far, most of these countries that I have acquaintances in have wish me well on this day. That feels good.

Every year on this day for at least the past 6 decades I’ve had a birthday. So, mark your calendar for next year and we’ll celebrate. Maybe some of you in person! That would be cool. Or, maybe I’ll do a Youtube, Viber, or Skype thingy.  Who knows! Just mark your calendar or trust that I’ll let you know.

I could say that some of my birthdays of past weren’t that good. But then, without those birthdays I wouldn’t be celebrating this one. So, what’s the past is the past, what exists is today, right now and I’m glad I’m here. Some of my friends and acquaintances are so lucky…..or maybe they are luckier (we aren’t able to see thru the veil that separates us at this time……but I do think there’s some value in death, as it exist for a reason…..but we don’t know til we get there. Another subject for another time.)

I can say that I’m doing something special….I’m treating myself to the things I like. I’ve been living in St. Petersburg, Florida for roughly 17 years now and I’ve never been to this Italian restaurant called Gigi’s….and today is that day for a lite lunch. Then it’s looking like a bar or two….on the beach of course. Then back to my place to cook up a delightful dinner with a Coronarita to cap off my day!  Not too shabby I’d say.

What and why do we celebrate? Do, I really need to know, or should I just enjoy? I’m choosing to just enjoy.

I feel a bit of gratitude for still being here. Others as I’ve mentioned are gone and each day that passes brings me a tad closer to my exit. But, that’s not what this is about, it’s about enjoying every moment for what it is, finding the good that wants to be found. Sharing that good, sharing a smile, sharing love, sharing peace,….come along I’ll share the beach with you along with a libation or two. Fun can be and should be found within ourselves and with others. We just may need to be a bit choosy about who those others be.

There’s nothing fancy about celebrating my birthday, just my focus on enjoying myself. I’m not interested in experiencing anything bad to appreciate the good……believe me I recognize the good, embrace it and appreciate without any disruption. You should embrace it likewise.

Find the good in every moment, every acquaintance, and I can live life peacefully and happily. That’s a philosophy that can’t be beat.

So, if today you are celebrating YOUR birthday along with me……Cheers! If it’s not your birthday but you’re enjoying the moment right where you are, with who you’re with (or not), with what you’re doing…..Cheers!

Live, love, and laugh…..Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Time for some more enjoyment!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,



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