This is Opportunity!

Being older than I was yesterday (yesterday was my birthday) isn’t such a bad thing….I guess that comes with the experience of doing it for so long now. And there’s no fear of it ending because the ending is inevitable, so there’s no sense in fearing something that I can’t do anything about, people have done it before me and everyone else is going to be doing it….so being older than yesterday is a rather comfortable place to be. As long as I’m older than yesterday, I’ll keep going.

There’s much to do that wasn’t accomplished in my many yesterdays……there’s also more laughter to be had, more fun awaiting…..pleasures to explore, unfinished can be finished, adventures to start……and more!

This is Opportunity!!!

It doesn’t look like it at first but, it is! It’s opportunity! In the disguise of another day! WOW!

I can do absolutely nothing about any of my yesterdays, I have only today to utilize. I can build on something that is present from my yesterdays and improve it, move it forward in it’s scope of purpose and/or I can begin something new! The scope of opportunity is endless. And where do I start.

I start right here……the adventure the lies before me is in traveling……once my mind focuses on that……I get excited. I think we all need something that will get us excited. Mine is to start traveling….gets rather serious as I’m gonna pull up my stakes and transplant myself to the Mayan Riviera! That’s right, selling my house, and pack my toothbrush. Leaving my little piece of paradise and founding another.

When I write of adventure, I want to feel it! I’ll be learning language, culture, foods, snorkeling, and traveling throughout Mexico, Central America, and South America. I’m in awe!

Doing something different than any of my yesterdays……this has my attention.  I believe that when we engage ourselves in the thought with the following action we invigorate ourselves, we feel a release from the things and events from our past. This is good. No matter if you liked or disliked your past, don’t bring it to your present.

If we can’t see the opportunity, and we haven’t stumbled across it, just invent it!  We’re that creative! Just invent it!

I realized that I did that. I invented my opportunity.  No one, said here, do this. I didn’t wander in front of it like and passing bus and get struck. I invented it……so, I also need to learn it too.

The cool thing is that it’s not an opportunity for someone to take advantage of me…’s an opportunity of freedom!

How come I didn’t reach out and grab this before!!!!  I think it was a couple things, no knowledge or understanding in the area of travel, fear, self-imposed rules, debt, and money!!! All which could have been discarded with just a little research and a lot of action.

So, it’s sort of like the eve of embarking. There are things that need to be done…..sell my house, renew my passport, apply for residency in Mexico, and give away all my shit. Except for my guitars, I’m not gonna part with them….well, maybe one.

There will be a blog starting soon that will chronicle that endeavor, here I’ll touch on it now and then.

The cool thing about opportunity, is that it will bring about more opportunity!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,



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