It Seems Money Can Buy Happiness

It Seems Money Can Buy Happiness

Finally!!  The truth comes out! Not some philosophical puff stuff,  but rather research out of the University of Cambridge in Britain! And it didn’t involve rats and cheese in a contained environment.

“Our study breaks new ground by looking at actual bank-transaction data, and demonstrating that spending can increase our happiness when it is spent on goods and services that fit our personalities and psychological needs,” said Gladstone.

Apparently buying things that we like, that fits your personality make us HAPPY!!  Shazam! Who would’ve that something as simple as buying something that we’re interested in, that we like, that fits a use in our lives, that benefits us would make us happy!  No mumbo jumbo involved here. No need to deny yourself happiness in lieu of some touchy feely philosophy or religious rite.

Now, this isn’t referring to binge spending that brings a temporary euphoria. Nor is this referring to extravagant spending.

Freedom! Let it ring!!! And ring LOUD!!  I can now go buy a nice pair of Nike’s that will make me feel comfortable, serve me and is healthy. I can now go out for a nice relaxing meal in a nice restaurant. I can now buy some new tires for my car instead of used tires.

Shucks! I’m feeling happy already. Just the prospect of making myself happy via a purchase of interest that will serve me well is refreshing and I feel enlightened that depriving myself never accomplished.

So, let yourself buy yourself some happiness.

I personally have a sense of relief. All those years of depriving, self-sacrificing is all behind me. And it should be behind you too. Give yourself the reward you deserve.

Reprogram yourself. Recognize your need to be happy. And achieve!!

Now, don’t go out and buy a rabbit……unless, it’s what you want and it makes you happy.

Have a FAB time…….me, I’m happy at the beach. I’ll go buy myself a new high quality beach towel, sunglasses, a rolling ice chest with those ‘big’ wheels, nice speakers to play some nice beach tunes, etc.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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