Being Happy, Keep it Simple

This must be a well kept secret. What? That being happy is actually simple. It’s freedom!

Why would something so readily available and simple be so difficult to grab hold? And why has it taken me so long?

One thing that comes to mind is having the wrong people in my life. Unfortunately, that includes relatives too. But, just because they are unhappy with their lot in life, they find some way to impose that unhappiness on me!!  I don’t like it! My solution, move away to a place that I wanted to live, that put a smile not only on my face but in my heart too. 800 miles away!! I’m not gonna tell you it was an easy decision or an easy project, but I will tell you it worked!

Why did it work? I didn’t focus on what I didn’t want, but rather focused on what I did want. What I wanted was more important to me than what I didn’t want. That’s what broke the ties that held me down. And it is ‘simple’. It’s a tad bit of being comfortable in the prison we’ve acquired that brings any difficulty. What awaits outside that prison is far better than what’s kept me in.

Judgements were harsh and people were cruel….doubts would occasion themselves. I lived across the road from the ‘beach’. A place not of refuge from but a place of desire.

I didn’t just up and move over night, nor did I realize that I was putting myself thru a period of therapy by focusing on what I wanted. One of the first things I recognized and accepted was that if others could do what they wanted and lead a happy life, there’s no reason it can’t happen for me.

The best thing we can do is to do for ourselves…..focus on what we want, not what we don’t want. Why? Well if we focus on what we don’t want that is all we will see and we’ll feel hopeless. Focus on what we want with no restricitions and we feel the joy that we want and the hope that is right there.

Promise ourselves to move forward, make the change. So changes are simpler than others. You may simply have to move out of where you live and be on your own… know, you do.

Encourage yourself!!!!

Be Happy!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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