Beach-Bar Hopping and The Aftermath

Beach-Bar Hopping and The Aftermath


This isn’t my norm…..just a bit out of hand.

I love living around my beaches… will be a rather relaxing afternoon on the sand with Coronas and lime…..BUT Yesterday!!!  WOW!!

There’s not too many beach bars in the St. Petersburg area that I have made acquaintance with….but yesterday I wanted to dig deep and take on the challenge of hitting a couple places I hadn’t been. So, just to start out the day at a friendly confine I would grab a beer at one of my favorites ‘The Angry Pepper’ (not a beach-bar but on the inter-coastal waterway leading in to the bay). But no room!!!  The place was packed. Sooooo on to the first of 2 bars I hadn’t frequented.

First beach-bar, “The Pub” located on one of the barrier islands on the water.  Killed off a few pints, listened in on a conversation of a French couple visiting the area….. No worry, I couldn’t understand a word they were saying but I was intrigued. The beer was cold and that was the important thing…nice on the water.  So, that’s 3 beers.

Beach-Bar Hopping and The Aftermath

Next beach-bar and last maybe was “The Seabreeze” located on the same barrier island just a different beach.  Another outdoor bar ‘on the water’……yeah, I start out with a pint of Bud Light (I’m dieting), but the Margaritas are on sale, I’m feeling good and brave and it’s a bargain.  YEP, sign me up.  By golly this is good, I like mine with the salt and I this one was on the rocks and that was fine with me, so fine I had a second……4 beers in and I’m doing my second Margarita. WAIT!!!!  Rum Runners are a bargain here today too……(I’m spying on people’s food….looking pretty good, I should eat since I hadn’t since breakfast). This is about the last thing I remembered.

So, I find out today that I did end up at “The Angry Pepper”, I had beer and a take-out….BUT, I had no recollection of ‘eating’!!!   (Rum Runners have a wicked effect on me, I don’t partake in them very often. Really any hard liquor.)

I make a brief posting on Facebook of my beach-bar hopping, blah, blah, blah……


The Aftermath

Checking my emails I see my motion detector camera sent me an alert of an intruder on my property yesterday afternoon……me BUCK NAKED outside just walking around. Yeah, Rum Runner Streaking ……There’s video….  Note to self, delete video tomorrow.

So, I don’t remember, visiting The Angry Pepper, buying take-out, getting home, nude walking on my patio, going to bed…… I’m now wondering, did I do anything else????

For those wondering, I took a cab home. Now, I’ve gotta return it!

Darn Rum Runner!!!!

No more hard liquor, especially Rum Runners (I say that every time I drink them…).

Peace, love and beaches, (beach-bar)



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