I Think I Got Ripped-Off?

I Think I Got Ripped-Off?

I’m feeling a bit foolish the past few days. I think I’ve been ripped-off. Meaning I had money stolen from me legally in the guise of service. I’m sure after you read this you will be inclined to say; “no John you’re not foolish, you’re stupid!” So, I’ll classify it as a major character defect and work on it…..using my experience as my motivation.

Here it is:

My swimming pool needed to be resurfaced, has been needing to resurfaced for at least the past 12 years. Since I’m selling the house, I feel its a must do to garner the price I’ll be asking. So, while getting an estimate on resurfacing the bath tub and wash basin the estimator saw me vacuuming my pool and mentioned that he resurfaces pools too….  He gave me a really beautiful estimate. You’re hired I said!

He came out and drained my pool and much to everyone’s displeasure found a leak…. Dang blasted! Not his fault, but this changed his situation. No longer is it a simple job of draining and resurfacing. There’s the problem of the hole that keeps leaking! He tries and tries to seal that sucker but can’t get it. Next he cuts a  hole 1 square foot in the bottom of my pool (it’s a fiberglass pool) digs and puts a pump in the hole. This presents the opportunity to seal the original hole and fill the 1 square foot one and problem solved.. Except that both sealing leaked slightly. This is work for another day.

Fast forward. Both holes appear to be fixed. Yeah. Now’s time to resurface. I figured I put pool decal on the bottom to cover any annoying blemishes. But, he’s not re-coating, he’s painting!! I had seen the paint but figured it would be mixed in with the fiberglass for resurfacing. Now, he needed his money previously to pay off his crew and he’d do the finishing. So, he’s paid. Oh wait!!!!   The hole that he cut. It’s leaking!!!  So there’s this waterline now in the bottom of the pool, but wait! The hole opens up and he drives off in the sunset with ‘sorry about that’!

Now, I’m out of that money and having to hire a ‘real’ pool guy to do the ‘fiberglass’ resurfacing. I’ve a feeling this is about to become a bit more costly. Just because I tried to be cheap.

Cheap doesn’t work. I should have known better. What the hell was I thinking!

In the next day or two I’ll have an estimate in hand from a professional pool guy that if I’d done this before, would have been less costly at least by the few thousand I paid the ‘re-coater’ and the extra work of removing the paint. Gads!!!

So, I really think I’ve been ‘ripped-off’. I keep trying to make myself feel better by saying the young man was in over his head……but he wasn’t gonna do any fiberglass work, he was gonna just paint my pool. That’s wrong….. It’s a fiberglass pool that requires fiberglass resurfacing.

Dang it!

Lesson lived, lesson learned.


Peace, love and beaches,


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