No Cable-TV, No Satellite-TV

I’ve No Cable TV, No Satellite TV

Here’s what my story and what I did.

It’s a year ago the I made the change. We were with a satellite TV company and it just seemed that my bill kept getting more and more costly. The same had previously happened with the local cable company along with poor service. My bill eventually hit around $135.00 and that was without the premier channel package or video rental. I kept thinking I could do better.

I did some research and it seemed that everyone wanted something. And that’s fine, to an extent. I just wanted to be as inexpensive as possible with no room for the source to goad me into more dollars thru charges for no reason.

I didn’t watch most of the TV shows as they were being broadcast as I’m usually busy doing the things I enjoy doing. That’s my priority. So, I used the DVR that accompanied my package.

THEN one day I get this brilliant idea! Why don’t I just go straight to the content originator’s (TV Network) internet site and watch it from there!!!!!  Shazzzzzam! At first it was a little awkward running that HDMI cable from my computer/tablet to the TV.  Then I discovered 2 inexpensive pieces of hardware that I could plug into the TV and remote the program I wanted to watch. Amazon Fire Stick (I’ve been a member of Amazon Prime for 8 years, started using it for shipping to family, big family) 2 of them for a total investment of $40 and the other was Chrome’s Chromecast Stick for $20 (it was on sale at the time).

After that I subscribed to Hulu for $8 a month.  Plus I added another $9 for HBO per month (I found some shows they produce that I like so I treated myself) So, my monthly bill is $17 a month plus whatever movies I decided to rent and with Amazon Prime I get a lot of FREE movies……beware, nothing current.

I am saving $118 a month. No Cable-TV and No Satellite-TV and I’m not missing the shows I want to watch.

Oh my!!!!

No Cable-TV, No Satellite-TV

This isn’t a paid testimony, this is my life, this is exactly what I have going on right now! I’m not missing anything from before. No Cable-TV and No Satellite-TV!

You may say, “BUT what about sports John.” I’m okay without the sports, I’ve acquired other interests but there is a way. Sling TV $20 monthly subscription and CBS Sports has a Free app. I’m with CBS Sports (I’m sure there will be others shortly) where I watched the Super Bowl in February. OR, I jaunt over to a sports bar or any of the beach bars I like to frequent have games on that I may be interested in.

For local news and weather I have local channels Free apps on all my devices.

One more thing I forgot to mention… niece gave me a ROKU box ($99 value) which corrals everything together for easy access.

I know you’ve all seen the advertisements and the articles….now you’ve seen another from, me.

I don’t and you don’t need Cable-TV or Satellite-TV!

Save yourself some $$$$$$!!!!  You can do this!!!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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