Stubbornly Hold On To What You Want To Be

Stubbornly Hold On To What You Want To Be!

There’s always something to learn during a loss. Just recently we loss the enigmatic Prince. Heartbreaking loss…his presence as an artist is one of our most contemporary looks at such a person. He and David Bowie to be precise.

Prince paved his life his way. Prices were paid, but neither he nor us were short changed. That’s the reward.

Before him came Davinci, Picasso, Dali, Pollock, all possessing the same brilliance and flamboyance as Prince inherited. He used that creativity as his primary means of communication.

Heartaches, like all of us, filled his life to the end. Thru those times he expressed his experience thru music, movie, interviews, etc. And a lot of times we were left miffed in our inability to interpret and understand. Time has a way, along with our willingness to accept and from that acceptance we attain our understanding of the art form that graces our soul.

His dedication to his art, his fans, love and humanity were unwavering. He didn’t care to nor accepted compromise. He lived and created on his terms.

So should we.  Courage.  I admire his courage for living life personally and professionally on his terms.  Should we do a study, we would have a perfect guide, a template for a creative and fulfilling life.

Being ‘stubborn’ isn’t a bad thing. We should live our passions uncompromisingly, stubbornly, to its realization. I’m realizing this now.  It’s the loss from which I am learning, most about and for myself.

Set my sight stubbornly upon what I want and waveringly, regardless of cost……pursue for my personal fulfillment. No for filthy lucre, but for my personal fulfillment.

I recall reading an interview with Paul McCartney where the interviewer was reading off some of his unrecognized accomplishments.  He was struck with a bit of ‘awe’.  His response was that he wasn’t aware because he was too busy doing.  It’s the doing that’s the pleasure, the accomplishment is the reward.

Let’s Stubbornly Hold On To What You Want To Be…….no compromise.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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