Out of Ignorance

Out of Ignorance

Do you realize how much we do out of ignorance and just blame it on ‘bad luck’ and yet deprive ourselves out of a dream from the ‘fear’ due to our ignorance?

Permit me to assume that generally speaking we are most alike when it comes doing things and making decisions. Bare with me as I venture the topic.

In the simplest state, “When we attempt to do something we’ve never done before we are a bit ignorant as to what and how to do, we mistake this for the dreaded ‘fear’ and either go no further or fail shortly thereafter.”  Now, I could be wrong……I made an assumption and I went forward.  I shall continue.

Let’s make a rule. That rule is this; “Take all criticism under advisement.”  Meaning keep going, don’t change the course and later, after you’ve made some progress evaluate the criticism and this includes your own. Above all, don’t let your inner critic be your roadblock to achievement!  Your inner critic fundamental criticism is ‘you’re inadequate’ so consider that baseless.

Just because we don’t know all the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ‘DO’!!  We learn and adapt as we go.

So I’ve adapted this ‘new’ approach to what I do.  “Do.”  I look to educate myself in the fundamentals of that which I endeavor. The fundamental here is just assembling the website. Whether or not I have something interesting, entertaining, and useful is up to ‘you’, not me, I just do. So, I clear one hurdle of ignorance and then have the opportunity to acquaint myself with the next. (This is all part of ‘adventure’. It’s not an ‘adventure’ if there’s no unknown!) The exhilarating phase.

Ignorance isn’t a bad thing….unless we make it so.  Many great things can come from venturing out in ignorance.  If ignorance can be an excuse for not doing anything, nothing would ever be done.  It’s like waiting for everything to be perfect, never will.  Or waiting until we know everything about what we want to do, we never will.

Exercise our right to do in ignorance and adjust as we go and have FUN!!!!  No ‘fear’!  Feel our fear and do it anyway!!!

We lose if we don’t!

I know this is simple stuff and you may want something more meaty…….well this is it for today. Because, I’m heading to the ‘Hard Rock Casino in Tampa, Florida (across the bay from where I live)……pushing the boundaries of ‘ignorance.  Perhaps I’ll get meatier in another posting for…..there is much more to say but my point is not to let our ignorance stop us from any of our pursuits and pleasures.

Ride our ignorance to success.  Hard Rock Casino, here I come!!!!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


p.s. I know I have to go clean up some pictures and stuff, and do some additional postings….casino today and Caldesi Island tomorrow.  FAB!!!

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