For Sale, Our Lives

For Sale, Our Lives

Now what the hell is he writing about…..For Sale, Our Lives?????

Well, if we work (as most of us do) we are selling a portion of our lives to help someone else achieve their dream.

That’s sort of like getting punched in the gut!

We trade a third of our lives per day in exchange for a portion of their spoils.  Which must be a small portion for them to enjoy the luxuries we enable them to afford.

Cynical??  Perhaps.  Superficial? Hell no!

Yes we have to pay our rent or mortgages, food, electric bill, car note, insurances, taxes, repairs, etc.  It goes on and on and on.  More reasons to work than our emotions can tolerate.

But, why should it be someone else dreams.  Why not ours?  If we don’t have any dreams, perhaps a short siesta is in store.  Think about this for a moment.  Someone was a genius!!!  Used to be way back when some time in history that everyone had a trade and either they were tendered whatever was the appropriate currency at the time or bartered.  That was simple and everyone pride in what they produced or provided.  Then along came someone and thought…..”HEY! Why don’t I get someone else to do the labor and I just watch-over them and reap the profit!  I know I’m making this all simple (but realize, that’s the way things were) and it may even seem absurd, primitive, corny,  or Ridiculous!!!  I owned a small chain of convenience stores at one time and then a restaurant/catering business and hired people to help me achieve the things I wanted to do….   Then unfortunately, I too reverted to helping someone achieve their dreams and not mine.  Why, you may ask.  Well, in a moment of weakness and a bit tired I realized I needed to pay those bills I mentioned earlier and the easiest thing at the moment was to get a job.  But what about my businesses you may ask…..I sold them.  A good thing and a bad thing together.  Part of the sale I financed… the wrong people. I got very little of that money. Lesson learned.  Properties were leased so I didn’t own them….leases transferred to the new owners end of story.

Now, I’m easing my way out of the job rat race…..(I never did fit it, I’m too independent and tend not to hold my tongue) and venture into this cyber world of entrepreneurship.

Find a way!  It’s out there, it’s a bit of work and determination, but it’s out there.  Find something you enjoy doing something you can grow with, something you know you can do and enjoy yourselves.

Here’s a place to start where you can see how thousands of people are setting a path for their independence.

I think I’m gonna revisit this topic with a list of opportunities for everyone……

Anyway!!!!  Let’s stop it!  Quit helping make someone’s dream come to life and do yours!!

Our Lives are no longer For Sale!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,




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