3 Key Ways to Avoid Financial Prosperity

3 Key Ways to Avoid Financial Prosperity

Let’s get right into this…..no time to waste, afterall……time ain’t money! (I don’t know, it just sounded good at the moment)

#1.     Find junk to waste your money on.  Meaningless crap that is useless when you buy it, wears out or breaks quickly, over priced, outdated, unneeded, etc….   I’m sure that you can come up with a few ideas of your own… If you can’t think of anything…..you lack the creativity in this department, get a girl friend.  Desperate and like trouble, hell…..get 2!!  Double your troubles!!  Troubles love company!  (just a couple ideas for bumper stickers to waste your money on)  A good troublesome woman will help unload your cash and……well you know.

#2.     Friends.  Friends can and should be supportive of any goals and dreams that you share with them.  Sit down and discuss with your friends and ask for their sound advice and ideas as how to spend more than you make.  Real friends won’t let you down.  They’ll help you plan trips you can’t afford to places you may not even want to go!!!  Oh!!!!   Take them with you so you don’t get lonely.  You can ‘loan’ them money!!!  That’s always a reliable way to get rid of hard earned cash.  Party, party, party.  What true friend doesn’t like a party!!!

#3.      Invest.  This is just ‘Brilliant’!!! Invest in Beer!! It’s always best to invest in something you are familiar with and have a passion for.   Without a doubt it just makes good sense.  Invest in the stock of the brewery of your favorite beer (if not beer, your favorite liquor, works on the same basis…you’ll see in a moment)!!!  Now start immediately after your investment (if not sooner) buying more and more of the beer (be sure to consume it because it does have a shelf life) to increase the sales of your investment, thus increasing the income of the company thereby increasing the value and your return on investment.  Make a commitment and see it through!!!   Hey, get those friends mentioned above to help you drink thru the inventory.  No sense in letting a great resource like friends go to waste.

There you have it.  Brief and uncomplicated!  3 key ways to avoid financial prosperity.

Check back often for more ways to squander money.

Peace, Love, and Beaches…


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