My First On-Line Job

My First On-Line Job

I’ve been working from home on-line now for several years.  I remember when I first started and the excitement of doing what others dream of doing and FREEDOM from the shackles of my desk at the hospital.

Oh, I forgot to mention what my job is….I’m a Coder for a large healthcare conglomerate.  My job entails reading thru a patients chart from a hospital visit and turning their disease and procedures into numbers for insurance companies and aggregate data banks.  Sounds interesting doesn’t it.

I’m also a musician and songwriter.  So, I figured, oh yeah….I’ll be able to stop what I’m doing whenever the inspiration hits me grab my guitar and pound out a tune.  In 5 years I’ve yet to pick up my guitar during my work hours.  Sad to say.

I also figured I’d be able to get more done around the house and cook……sad to say this wasn’t to be either.

Why???  Why can’t I do these other things?

There’s two profound reasons and I’ll start with the most profound one;  1. I’m dealing with a patients present and future healthcare needs and issues. I really need to pay attention and be as accurate as possible as to the disease processes and procedures performed.  I must be able to understand the anatomy and proof the documentation for its accuracy as I read through the patients visit.  The physician doesn’t always have it right…..there’s a lot of documentation that goes into a patients chart, and it should lead to a understandable conclusion.  There’s multiple physicians, nurses, test and inconclusive data that needs to be read thru and understood.  Lots of responsibility here.

There’s is NO WAY a person could take care of the needs of a house, a second interest, and NO POSSIBLE WAY to take care of a child and perform the duties in a skilled way.

2.  There are quotas that have to be met…..hourly performance quotas.  And on top of that, there’s a qualitative quota that has to be met.

Simply said, there’s a lot of pressure.  Oh, and by the way, you can’t blame the doctors or the nurses for their poor documentation.  Why?  Well, the coder is responsible for those professionals to be accurate and if they aren’t, the coder is the one that painstakingly must negotiate their way thru formal querying of the professional and their documentations disparity.  Seems unfair, and definitely not fun.  There’s attitudes and egos to negotiate.

There are other points to consider which can become very pretentious.  You’re being audited for accuracy, and the auditor is being audited!!!  You have to contend and respond, and possible remember several months back as to why you made the mistake.

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You also have the egos of your colleagues that you have to contend with as ALL CODERS think they’re right!  And are a bit protective….hell overly protective.

So, why do I still do what I do under these circumstances.  The money is real good, and I’m on the verge of retirement.

This is not the type of job that affords the luxury of ‘leisure’.  Not all ‘work at home’ jobs are the dream job you’re chasing.

Be wise….does it fit what you envision?

Oh, on a parting note…. You will miss the interaction with your fellow workers. Phone calls???  Yeah, but you must be meeting your quotas of quantity and quality.

Give it some thought.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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