The Problem With Problems

The Problem With Problems

The most difficult easy in all of life.  Recognizing the problem with the problem.  Even though it is, it’s not an attempt to be cute or double talk….because there is a problem with problems.

I was just thinking of someone that because of their problem, they have split with their lover…..and the lover isn’t the problem.  The problem is the problem.

I don’t believe any of us are immune to this situation.

The problem is a part of our lives that we have grown to accept as part of our lives for some reason and has become such a natural part of our lives that we don’t see it as a problem any longer.  And we have become comfortable with it.  Others are baffled with us because of the lingering problem that we have for some reason endeared to ourselves.

Do I have any such ‘problems’??  Hell NO!!!  I learned my lesson from others!!!  I may not like the solutions available to a problem at a certain time, but the solution is much better than having the problem.  So, I take my medicine and move on.  After all, there are more problems down the road…..consider it an adventure.

Is the problem worth the discarding of a relationship???  I guess it depends on the relationship.  But the problem isn’t worth the problem.

The solution?  All problems have a solution or multiple solutions.  Find the best suited solution at the time, and solve the problem promptly.  Don’t endear yourself to the problems, there’s more problems waiting to happen to you and besides,  it’s more entertaining that way.

A problem is not the end of the world!!  It’s a major part of living!  Everyday we wake up, there’s a certain amount of problems that are gonna come our way……it’s just life.  But!!!!  By no means do we need to go about creating problems!!  They are there, just be patient.

That’s enough…..keep it simple.  Don’t create the problem, and don’t hold on to them!


Problem solved!

Peace, Love and Beaches,


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