It’s All My Fault…Your Problems

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It’s All My Fault….Your Problems

It seems that a large portion of my lifetime acquaintances, path crossers, are of this ‘ilk’.  Not of my choosing but rather theirs.  I guess I must have some look about me that gives these suckers the idea that I am the fault of their problems…..this extends to my family too!!!

Recently a friend was arrested (I’m told it was a mistaken issue that has been cleared up, he doesn’t seem of that sort by the way), but it appears to be that his family points to me as part my fault.  A sort of ‘enabler’.  Just because occasionally he will come over and have a couple beers.  The most often times of his visits is when his ‘family’ is at his house brow beating him!!!  But, hey!!!  The finger gets pointed at me.

There’s another neighbor and his girlfriend that claim they are in charge of the neighborhood.  Well, not my portion, and that’s my fault.  They go to each neighbor and make negative remarks about the other neighbors so that they are the only one’s that can be trusted.  Oh my, oh my, oh my.  Out of 10 households in the immediate area only 1 seems to adhere to their position. So, no one talks to that 1 neighbor and that neighbor talks to no one except their hero.  Me, I’m their blame for all that’s wrong in their lives.  I’m their reason that everyone has ‘turned’ on them.  Me, I’m a bit of a private person, tend to keep to myself……I’d much rather read, play some music, write, swim in my pool and cook (possibly a little entertainment with friends…..people I refer to as friends).  I even have had cameras aimed at me in my front yard and backyard.  If anyone talks with me, he refuses to have anything to do with them unless they don’t talk to me.

Family, I’ll leave off this…….but it’s pretty much the same.  They (like all of us have problems) tend to wanna blame me, based on something that another relative may have told them and even though the relative that’s blaming me has been around me for a large portion of our lives, I’m to blame. To blame for whatever in-differences are being experienced.

Another ‘friendly’ neighbor doesn’t care for this younger neighbor with a dog that repeatedly gets out and roams around…….so, I’m the one that’s approached and is told I need to do something about this!!!

Sometimes I feel like the guest at a party with a sign on my back that says ‘Kick-me’!

None of this really phases me.  I just deem these people immature, lazy, irresponsible, etc.  I’m okay with me…..go back up a few paragraphs or so and I explain me and what I do.

So, pay attention to what you say….are you irresponsible like the ilk that has floated thru my life, or do you realize, ‘what goes around, comes around’ and that each individual is the author of their own lives.

Have a FAB life!!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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