Encouragement Is Everywhere, Just Look

Encouragement is Everywhere, Just Look!

Okay, I was a bit down on myself yesterday and just sort of stayed away from ‘everything’…… I did!!  I felt like what I was doing was going for naught, that I was out of my league, that no one really was ever gonna read my blog and what’s the use.  I’ve had worse days, but yesterdays attitude was more annoying than a state of depression or a statement on my blogging, tech, and marketing skills.  I’m thinking a really poor night sleep the night before was the culprit.

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So, I was up and at it earlier than usual, I had a technical aspect on my mind and I’m trying to solve the issue without the experience……so I’m being a bit easy on myself, I’ll get it.   Anyway, I blistering thru my emails this morning and I stumbled across my International Living email with the line about making outrageous amounts of money!!!   I have an inquiring mind, so I followed the lead and clicked the link that led to a page with an audio presentation……I already knew where it was gonna take me, but I had some time so I listened through.  I found my reason for being there without spending any money.  I was encouraged!!  I didn’t have to be an accomplished world renown author to write, and blogging to get rich isn’t my goal….I really enjoy this.  Everything I’ve written about and will right about is ‘My’ experience which at times is a bit clumsy and entertaining……

Next up was a newsletter I decided to take a quick look at……..and it didn’t take long to get the message.  What did I read????   That I didn’t have to be a scholar or world-class writer.  Dedicated, willing to learn, interesting, consistent, original….just to name a few.  I felt better.  Jump right in and went to work…..here.

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From that point I just built on those readings, allowing my thoughts to dance to the tune of creativity, being alive, and purposeful.  I felt the excitement reviving me……just in the nick of time.

So, while I’m not directly surrounded by people that live their lives thru their blogs, or even next door.  I do have the resource of other successful people and their encouragement thru their writings, their advice, and their persistence.  You can do the same in your endeavor just don’t see yourself as alone, and allow others to give you a little, it’s probably just what you need.

Encouragement is where it can be found…..just take a look.  I did.  I will.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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