Go Ahead, Make The Mistakes

Go Ahead, Make The Mistakes!

The greatest reason we make in not doing something new, something challenging, something we love is that we fear we’ll make mistakes.  Sad.

This writing here is in defiance of fear.  It’s not gonna be perfect, and it may not be what you’re looking for……and perhaps I’m writing to me.  But, I’m gonna do it, I’ll do it despite whatever reasons I can come up with to not.  That’s right, I’m doing it anyway.  Perhaps, you should too…..whatever it is.

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Should any of the longtime professional bloggers stumble across my site here I’m sure they would have some very tough advice (which I’d love to hear).  And I’m sure that what they’d have to say would be accurate.  So, should I close up shop????   Should I tuck my tail between my legs, run off and apply for that Wal Mart greeters position??  Nope, not in my nature.  And get this……I really don’t know what the hell I’m doing!!!!!   But, I will.  Somewhere in time, I will know what I’m doing.  I’ll be able to get my ideas across, become more focused, more direct, more intelligible, more interesting, more fun……I’m on my way. But, if I hadn’t started, I would be even further away than I am at this moment.  And the same is true for you in whatever you’re interesting in doing.

That was the quickest 230 words I’ve ever written!  I also think that there’s a lot of meaning in what I just wrote.  I probably could stop there….but according to the SEO thingy I use, I need to be above 300 words.  And, shucks, I do have more to say.


At this point in my life, I realize that I have left so many opportunities behind because I didn’t think I could do it, didn’t think I knew how, or was scared of failure.  So, I missed those opportunities, I may have known how or could have learned how with a hands on approach, and I could have learned and built upon my failures and use them to become successful in my endeavors.  So, now I’m at that point of throwing caution to the wind, knocking out the obstacles that have stopped me in the past and forging a new future.  One that I have to create, daily.

I feel I’m finding my way thru my mistakes…..and get this, a lot of those mistakes, I don’t know that they are mistakes!!!!!   I am having fun…..I’m working on understanding the tech side, the marketing side, the professional side.  Everything takes time and so far, I’ve got time.

This may sound selfish, but my main concern is me doing what I want to do…….and I want to do this.  Yet, I’m gonna say to anyone who reads this, “If I can do this, whatever it is that you want to do or become, you can!”

I!  I can’t afford to make the mistake of not doing out of fear of making mistakes.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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