People of Hate

People of Hate

I believe that a lot of people, good people take hate the wrong way.  It’s not the person that’s ‘hated’ that is to be looked down upon but rather the person that has chosen the road of ‘hate’.


We may not realize that there’s a stigma that comes with ‘hate’.  That the person that’s hated isn’t worthy of being liked, adored, favored, or loved.  They ‘deserve’ to be hated for some unknown reason other than what’s spate out of the haters mouth.  And for some reason the general populace looks down on the person that’s condemned to being hated, the person perpetrating the hatred is given a pass.

It’s wrong, it’s all wrong.  You see, there’s an evilness that brings out hatred.  Not an evilness that should be looked upon as timid, shy or cute.  An evilness that is deep seeded and vile….it will consume everyone around and eventually all that follow the wicked path.  There’s no fun in hating!!!  Hating is different from disliking. I dislike white bread, so…..I don’t buy or eat white bread.  I don’t hate it……find someone that is full of hate and observe them, the hatred consumes them and overflows.  Not a pretty disposition to wear.

This morning I awake to riots in New Mexico ……anit-Trump.  I personally don’t care if anyone is anti-Trump.  Go ahead.  But ‘VIOLENCE’!!!  DESTRUCTION!!!  All over someone that for some reason they dislike based on their not ‘knowing’ the person.  But they say, “They know what he stands for.”  Nah!  They think they know, what they know is they believe what someone tells them to believe, or it fits their agenda.

But you see, when differences spill over in to violent actions, there’s a problem.  And the problem is in the one’s that act out that violence.  I’m not referring to throwing ‘tea’ in to the bay!!!  VIOLENCE!!!!

Are we intimidated by the haters that we somehow find that acceptable??  Particularly if the hate lines up with our dislike, disenchantment, or hate??

Advice: STOP!!!  Stop making your decisions based on what you hear, go to the source.  If you don’t like, let’s say Hillary Clinton.  Well, go do some reading and weigh the good that she’s done against the not so good. Be careful not to extrapolate, try to stay unbiased.  The same with Bernie, the same with Trump, the same with sky diving, the same with interracial dating, the same with marriage verses just living together.

Get up close and comfortable to things and people you question.  Find out what’s really what!

Oh!!!  And stay away from hating, people that hate…..even remove it from your vocabulary!

It’s not the person that’s hated that’s the problem, but the one that’s hating.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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