Take It All With A Grain of Salt

Take It All With A Grain of Salt

We love their celebrity!!!  We’re charmed by their handsomeness or their beauty according to our preferences.  Their movies, music, writings, endorsements, and characters are endeared to us.  We are somewhat entranced by their awesomeness……them perhaps living out our fantasies. Celebrities.

We tend to hang on to every word we hear……we anxiously wait for the next morsel of soundbite. We gush and recite their ideals and positions as if an expert has declared the position to be authoritative.  Oh my…….

And when we argue our positions and beliefs we readily rely upon the authority of our celebrity.

But wait!!!   What if we have this broad taste in music and movies and authors, etc.  And some of our favorites have opposing ideals, opposing opinions, opposing passions….what then??

Thus we take the opinions of others (including celebrities) with a grain of salt.

You see, we’re not robots, we’re not some friggin’ idiot that needs to be instructed on what to believe, who to vote for, what diet we should be on, none of this crap. Each of us has a ‘brain’!  Let’s use it for our own reasoning. Feed it with good thoughts, information (I suggest, and it’s only a suggestion now) that is basic where by we can sift thru the jungles entanglement of information and misinformation. We are deluged with information.  It’s the accuracy and our reasoning of interpretation that are the compelling issues.  And it’s intellectually lazy that we rely on the opinions of others, celebrity or otherwise.  Take it with a grain of salt.

Should we use our familiar methods of decision making, we can expect similar results.  If we in fact recognize the need for change in whatever is at stake, then we must change our method of decision making.

Simple it is…..Simple works.  Even Einstein encourage us to keep things as ‘simple’ as possible.

Will this lead us to always being right?  Hell no!!  But at least we give thought and change, and prudence a fighting chance.

Thus we take the opinions of others (including celebrities) with a grain of salt.

I must admit to a bit of intellectual laziness.  If I have to assemble something or work on something that is unfamiliar.  Instead of reading the directions I’ll view a youtube.com posting on how to get it done…..or just wing it. Usually, I just wing it.  So, I’ve confessed to that, but on other levels, no, I’m not one that ascribes to intellectual laziness.

The news reporting agencies react to these celebrities without shame and use these quotables to incite public reaction for their opinions surely aren’t news.  Our news has become a source of diffused  misinformation opting for glitz and glamour.  Oh, boy.  But, that’s another posting for another day……

Just take all this celebrity crap with a grain of salt, get informed and make your own decisions whether they be, politics, activist, social agendas, or diets.  You be the maker of ‘your’ decisions. Those aren’t taken with or as a grain of salt.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,



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