I Found A Gift Today

I Found A Gift Today

I was just reading a announcement from Laila Ali which I found interesting for 2 reasons.

First, it seems that the press has made an issue of her referring to her father as “The Greatest of All Time”, that she’s throwing shade at Floyd Mayweather.  Gosh.  I’d wish and hope my kids could find one thing in my small life to proclaim that I was ‘The Greatest’ about.  But, actually that’s not the issue.  The issue is a spineless, lazy, group of writers that have to create ill conceived unworthy news.  Sensationalism.  I find it disgusting.  Laila, laid out her position on her father, Mr. Mayweather and herself in a phenomenal statement.  She in no way was dissing Floyd Mayweather’s accomplishments in the ring.  His record speaks highly to the ‘fact’ that he is a ‘champion’.  One not to take lightly.  He has carved out a piece of history in his own right.
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Then I found a gift today.

Secondly, Laila makes this statement which really has an effect on me.  She said, “I don’t allow anyone to dictate to me how I feel about myself, so I am certainly not going to try tell someone else how confident they should or shouldn’t be.

I’ve always put forth an effort to build someone’s confidence in themselves.  Encouraged them as often as possible.  But, her quote has me rethinking my effort. Why?  Well, I’m going thru my mind and reviewing my efforts and I don’t recall any positive results!!  I’m having a WOW moment!  Do you realize the time and energy I put in to the effort on behalf of others that has come to naught!!  I’m realizing that all the encouragement in the world won’t amount to a hill of beans without the other person wanting to feel confident.  A lot of people are comfortable in their lack of confidence, they may rely on the pity of others in their low moments to make them feel good.  If that’s what they call it.  I’ve got a bit of anger in me right now.  Nothing I could have done for these ill people is or was gonna be their cure.  They are the only one’s that hold that! You see, my giving them my attention and energy cheats me.  I can’t get that time back. I can’t get that energy back. I can’t get that effort back. Because what’s in the past, is in the past. I live in the now.

A much needed gift….

I started my day looking for something…..but I didn’t know what. Serendipity. This is just another building block that enables me to achieve what I want in my life…..  And this I can put to immediate use.  Along with the revelation I sense a renewed spirit and I feel energized!!

Find one good thing and there’s bound to be others packaged with it, just grab a hold of your epiphany and clothe yourself with all that it is!!!  There’s an abundance.
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There’s a daily gift waiting to be found. Use it!

If you go to my Facebook page for this day June 7, 2016, you’ll see that I was in search, I knew this day had something for me and I found it!!

By the time I finish here it’ll be between 6:30 and 6:45am so you’ll notice my Facebook entry was quite a bit before this.

Everyday has a gift for each of us…..something good, something special, something……life changing!

Find your gift, grab hold and don’t let go!

Peace and Love,


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