What I Like About Donald Trump

What I Like About Donald Trump

He’s ‘beating’ the odds.  When he first announced his candidacy it was taken lightly by his fellow republican rivals and the news media.  It was assumed he would not get much support after all the political system is schemed for politicians. That’s what it’s there for, their benefit and their benefit only. Don’t fool yourself thinking that one party is better than the other because they are not. To us ‘we the people’ this is just the grown up version of picking sides in a school yard game.  We ‘DON’T’ benefit.  We get a warm feeling when our guy/gal wins…..but that’s the most. So let’s not fool ourselves. ‘We The People’ are pawns in their hands.  So, I think it’s rather grand that an outsider upsets their little wagon!!  He’s doing what others didn’t expect him to do…..winning and not playing their game.

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He doesn’t play by their rules.  It’s the politicians game and they have their rules that everyone plays by, well almost everyone.  Donald Trump actually speaks like you and I! The politicians have set up a self feeding system that takes advantage of the populace which puts them on a plain of authoritarianism that I’m mostly sure that our forefathers didn’t have in mind.  They set the definitions and design the clones that parade this charade.  But, Donald Trump has pierced this veil and revealed to those who are looking at a very flawed system that caters to elites, not ‘We The People’.  He makes the politicians from both parties very uncomfortable.

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He fights back. Yeah, he’s a billionaire….but he’s still an average Joe, and uses an average vocabulary just as you and I.  He’s accused of ‘whatever’ the opposition feels will take him down, but it’s deception. Using a little truth about what he’s said and the rest…..well the rest is the deception. He’s referred to the criminal element of Mexican’s that are illegally crossing the border.  Obama has chosen to feed, clothe, house, provide finances, etc. for these illegals.  You wanna try to get that by going to Mexico!!!  For a U.S. citizen to move there (retirees do this for multiple reasons) they must have health insurance (U.S. Insurance is no good there, neither is Medicaid), a place to stay, proof of income of some sort of $2,000 a month or more for starters.  So, why do we not require something similar.  Mexico is not an oppressive military state that people are running from. ( Former Mexico President Fox thinks it’s just fine and dandy to send Mexico’s poor and criminal element to us to care for.  Asshole!)

If one of Donald’s rivals attacks, he attacks back.  These politicians closets are chock full of skeletons.  Donald Trump has done his due diligence in educating himself of their weaknesses and lets everyone know. This man is a fighter……  I like this.

He can be crude and rude. I don’t have a problem with this.  But, it’s said that it’s ‘unpresidential’.  I say, by who’s standards.  And why do those standards exist.  Only to support the politician’s scheme. What would any of Donald’s rivals do if some world leader makes a derogatory remark towards them..  Cry that, that individual is unfit for their position. So, we’ve become an overly sensitive nation of crybabies!!  GOSH!!!!  Get a grip people!  Real world, real shit!  We, the U.S. is not theirs to trample on and cower to their every whim.  It seems that just some cry from a small piece of this world’s societies gets special attention and treatment from our politicians.  Frankly, that sect that our politicians kow tow to could care less about what our politicians think…..they just want our money and whatever benefits they can sequester from us.  So, him speaking his and our mind while some say is callous…..it’s actually what most American’s feel and would want to say. (I’ve taken a large liberty there).

He’s a different solution.  This is where I find the greatest comfort, yet there’s a bit of anxiousness that others may experience.  He’s not a politician, he doesn’t need our money, so other than him wanting a positive change for ‘we the people’s’ benefit……what other motivation is there?  There really doesn’t have to be any.  But if, and I believe that there is an underlying motivation….it is to reveal these scoundrels and their scheme. Let’s go to Albert Einstein for a bit of simple advice, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  And that’s what we’ve done decade after decade.  Here’s a different solution.  Ah!  But, you’re worried he’s gonna ‘hijack’ the government!  No more so, than any other president that has preceded him.  Our government was set up with a system of checks and balances.

This may have to be 2 part “What I Like About Donald Trump” since it’s so long…….I’ll stop here and ponder more reasons for a later post.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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