The Time Between Birth and Death

The Time Between Birth and Death

I didn’t know her.

I never will.

Christina Grimmie……

I had been wrestling with death as of recently.  What I mean is that it has me puzzled.  Why does some such as Christina Grimmie (Christina was a contest in  2014 on “The Voice”) have to die so young and others live into their 80’s, 90’s and some to over 100. There are infants that die at are shortly after birth… chance to enjoy life.  Is this just some sort of random luck, draw of the straw.  Many of us that partied through the 60’s and 70’s are outright surprised they we are still here when we look back at all the dangers we courted. I feel fortunate. So, I’m looking at this and I’m trying to figure out the determinate factor.  Sort of like chasing a rabbit.  But, I still think it warrants the intellectual pondering.

Allow me to give you my position on dealing with death before I continue.  There is no sense in fearing and/or trying to avoid ‘death’. It is inevitable.  Acceptance of that makes life so much easier to live and enjoy.

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For the sake of this intellectual pondering, religion is not an issue.  And for some of you, you would argue but it has to be (you are endeared to it and well, you’re comfortable with resigning to it’s eventuality). To you, consider this…….if you were born in a different country, a different ethnicity, a different culture,  you would have a different religious passion.  And, for me it’s hard to ascribe to a fatalist position. Being a fatalist, one doesn’t necessarily have to hold fast to a religious belief.

So what are the particulars of why and when we die? Is this just some sort of haphazard event?  I can understand that putting one’s self in harms way increases the likely hood of death regardless of age. But, Christina wasn’t in harms way. She was pursuing a life long dream….a safe one, she’s a singer!!!  And a very good one at that as this was her profession.  Someone else died there and it was an intentional death……the individual took her life by force, took his own moments later. We can all speculate as to his reason, and somehow that’s not quite good enough for the exercise of intellectual pondering.  I know I’m not making the issue any easier, but I’m looking at the larger picture……that is pondering.  STOP!!  Is this a matter of Karma?  Did she refuse to sign this individuals autograph book? And this was the price to pay? Was her performance not up to the guys expectations?  What? WHAT?????  I’m using her as this is the most recent killing for what can’t possibly be of any good reason….  The infant that was born last night but died shortly after with no physical harm is in the same pondering.

I don’t have an answer.  Maybe I won’t get an answer.  Lots of why’s.  And actually this has been an age old question.  That infant that dies shortly after birth has not had the opportunity to make any contribution to mankind to say their purpose was finished.

Is there really any scheme or reasoning to the timing of death?

My pursuit of some sort of answer or at least a bit of understanding is not fraught with any anxiety or useless negative emotion.  It is solely one of wonderment.

No answers here.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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