One Decision From A Different Life

One Decision From A Different Life

I read a similar statement just a bit ago this morning….and it just seems right.  Because when we make the same decisions in life we get the same life.  And maybe that’s good for some, but I’m a tad more adventurous.  I like to make that, one decision from a different life.

On my Facebook page I have several overseas friendship that we have nurtured from years to just recently.  I feel a closeness to them more so than with my American friends.  I have an interest in their lifestyles, language, foods, slang, culture, and one thing that grabs me is the openness of their minds.  Most have done more than I have and yet I’m older than most.  Among relatives and close friends I believe that I have done more, taken more chances, especially at this stage of my life.

Decisions aren’t difficult, we make them everyday.

I’m doing it now. I’m making another decision that will reward me with a different life.  Yeah, there’s a little apprehension….some times more than others.  But just the same, I stay with the decision.  And I’ve noticed that, that decision is opening up new opportunities in life for me. That’s exciting and motivating.  I can’t see myself just sitting around sipping tea on the porch waiting for visitors that will never come and wondering where I left my teeth.


I’ve got it nice….I’ve carved out my little piece of paradise and it’s quite enjoyable.  I’m 5 miles from the some of the top beaches in the country, I have a nice house…..not too big and it’s comfy.  For privacy outdoors I built an outdoor entertainment area with music, TV, cooking, refrigerator, heat for the cool winter evenings….it’s nice.  But, I want something more.  I want to discover new cuisines, experience the different cultures, taste new wines, walk new beaches, visit vineyards, old Spanish castles, dine on real Italian foods, feel the uniqueness of exotic place that I’ve only read about.  This is just one different decision after another.

I realized yesterday that I’m anxious.  I can’t do some of the things until 2 obstacles, oooops make that 3 obstacles or overcome.  The first will be overcome by Tuesday, another vehicle, the second a week later having the final repair work on my swimming pool and the 3rd and last obstacle is the sale of my piece of paradise.  Everything is working out, I just feel anxious, but the solutions are in the works and they too are an adventure.

Okay, that’s it for now.  We’re all ‘One decision from a different life.’  Enjoy yours whatever it may be and wherever it may be.

Peace, Love and Beaches,


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