Is It Wrong!

Is It Wrong

In the wake of the terrorist attack in Orlando that was executed by a Muslim and embraced and acclaimed by Islam…….is it wrong to classify this as an act of Radical Islam??

Reading the account by a former co-worker as to the mental and hatred behavior along with his !911 phone call praising the leader of ISIS… it wrong to use Radical Islam?

I’m not on the fence on this one……I never was one for political correctness on any level, and this is so blatant!  I don’t have a problem using the term Radical Islam.  To me, this separates Radical Islam from mainstream Islam.  Meaning that all Muslims aren’t terrorist, most are considered peaceful people. Radical points to the extremist, to a movement that is afoul of mainstream Islam.  But all in all, this event in Orlando does nothing to benefit the entirety of Islam.  Which is sad.  This is Wrong!
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I can’t help though but view Islam as a terrorist religion……look to all it’s leaders and the hate that they spew!! Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei is quoted as saying “death to America”!  Come on……I would hope that a religious leader would embrace peace and love……this individual, a leader of Islam is a perpetrator of ‘hate’.  How come?  I didn’t do him anything.  This is wrong.

Back here in the states we have the poorest leadership in our history…….it’s dumbfounding to mainstream American’s.  We see it moment by moment thru our social media.  People are aghast at America being such a patsy.  I don’t think that any President from Reagan on back would take this as lightly as our present commander in chief and his endorsed candidate.  His endorsed candidate Hiliary Clinton blames guns. Guns do no harm on their own.  Guns in the hands of law abiding American’s do no harm.  Guns or any other weapon in the hands of a terrorist is bad.  But does a terrorist need a gun?  Hell no!!!  On September 11, 2001 they used 2 airplanes!!!  Should we acknowledge that airplanes are lethal and thus bad??  I think not.
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I’d much prefer to be writing about a beach…….about love…….about peace.  But 50 undeserving souls were executed by an act of terrorism and credited to ISIS.  And our leadership is M.I.A.  This is Wrong.

Back later more upbeat.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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