Worse President In American History

Worse President In American History

Jockeying for title of worst Presidents in American history have been Warren G. Harding and James Buchanan……guys take a seat, you’re both in the clear and out of the running…….this man is clearly the winner, hands down. The winner is Barack Obama!

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After the horrendous terrorist attack in Barack Obama blames us!!  Unbelievable!  With all that’s reported and and the terrorist allegiance to ISIS, Barack places the blame on us!

Islam is on record being at war with America and this president sadly ignores it.  Weak, very weak leadership. I believe it’s this type of leadership that strengthens Donald Trump’s candidacy.  We don’t have time for these pansy politically correct narratives while the enemy (they have declared themselves such and have fully exhibited their capabilities) schemes and executes their wayward plan.  What does this man think he is doing??

I was reading through an editorial opinion column today and the author was every bit dumbfounded! He remarked that this act of terrorism, the mass murdering in Orlando, while not directly connected in a communicative way to say the San Bernardino shooting this is part of a pattern involving Islamist. According to the president, we’re to blame and guns, not this terrorist.  Whacky!!  Lone wolf. He further cries out as to long will we allow this to continue?  Probably til January 20, 2017.

I recently saw a video clip of a ceremony where everyone on stage had their hand over their heart singing the national anthem with the exception of President Obama…….he stood with his arms by his side, refusing to salute or recognize our.

Another time I saw him boarding his helicopter and ignored the soldier that was saluting him and evidently someone on that helicopter told him to get his ass off and salute the soldier…..!!!!!

Ridiculous!!!!   Like none before him. And not a good thing about it either.

I, from my point of view, believe he has done more harm to the race relationships in this presidency than any possible good.  I also believe we are more vulnerable and less prepared than at any time before in history with the exception of September 11, 2001.  Almost as if his efforts were intentional……which is another thing I read in an opinion column.

I could go on……but I believe I’ve made my point, President Barack Obama IS our worst President without a doubt.


Besides I need now to find me a good dose of humor.

Peace, Love and Beaches,


p.s. I supported Rosanne Barr’s bid last election.  Just sayin’.

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