Don’t Hesitate!!!

Don’t Hesitate!!!

This is from a very focused survey, so I feel comfortable with sharing this.  But like anything else individual results can vary, so proceed with caution.

I should give myself the mantle of “The Great Hesitater’.  I think I actually hesitate at hesitating.  It is by far my worst characteristic……..and an obvious one, so I’m constantly working on it.  And yes, I even hesitate in working on it!!  My hesitation is hesitation!!

I have recognized along the way that my hesitating is detrimental to me.  I seem to always miss out on getting what I want and having to settle for second best or even worse.

Here’s my latest adventure in Hesitating.

I ‘finally’ decided to drive down to Mexico followed by Central America and South America. But I felt a bit uncomfortable with my present vehicle.  I’ve taken care of it, and no major problems had been experienced, well almost, until I hesitated.  You see, I made the decision to get another vehicle and as you may guess I hesitated!  So, here’s the way this decision processed it’s way thru.

After I hesitated on buy the other vehicle my present vehicle started running hot.  Now, I’m not losing water so I figure it’s the thermostat.  So, I watch the video on replacing the thermostat on, it seemed easy so I went and purchased the thermostat.  The next day I went to replace it by removing 2 bolts……that’s all just 2 bolts.  I can’t figure out how to get to them, the thermostat is at the bottom of the engine block.  I go back to the video. Aha!!!  They don’t show the actual process of getting to those 2 bolts, just that they had.  I’ll take it to a familiar shop. $200 dollars later it’s fixed!  Sort of.  Took a short ride just to make sure.  Started overheating again.  Back to the shop the next day.  This vehicle has 2 cooling fans, one is electrical……yep it’s the electric fan, another $200 and it’s fixed!  Not quite, it’s still overheating.  After they checked it out, it appears the water pump isn’t doing it’s job…….

I’ve already got my written trade in offer that’s good for a week so I’ll just trade this in on the car I had picked out.  It’s no longer available!!!!   I buy all my cars used from a large national car dealership.  I buy used for the better value as opposed to a new vehicle.

So, now I’ve the task of finding another vehicle that I did do.  It’s out of town and has to be shipped (no cost to me).  Meanwhile it’s being shipped, I’m hesitating and looking for another vehicle.  CRAZY!!!!   Ain’t it!!!!

Today ends that!  I gave myself a timeout and took my car searching away from me.  The vehicle is delivered today, I pick it up at 2p.m. today…….Done!

I’ll refrain from subjecting you to my swimming pool fiasco.

I advise myself……Don’t Hesitate!!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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