Pay Attention To What Inspires You

Pay Attention To What Inspires You

I find myself running on empty at times….I’m constantly working on something.  And when I get to that point, it seems I’m out of fuel, I’m light on desire.  What’s missing?  Why?  How?  These are things I usually ask myself. And I usually happen across the answer by, I want to say accident, but I believe I have a natural gravitation to this solution.

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The fuel I need comes from 2 major sources.  Reading and music.  Thus I find myself clearing time in small increments to allow myself replenishing.  I find those 2 constants. I’m the only variable.  If it were a person there would be 2 on going problem…..availability and mood.  So, I’m sort of liking my 2.  I’m the responsible party.

Not everyone has the same sources of fuel…..some may have sunshine, beach, park, a higher elevation (geographically), or simply hanging with their pet. Anyway it goes we need to stay attentive to those sources……..eliminate the frequency of down time.

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Right now I’m working my way back with reading and yes music……but, I have so much to accomplish I realize I really don’t want that down period.  So, my solution is to take that time regularly and enjoy…..just let myself go. The time really doesn’t matter because it’s the source of the river of inspiration that flows within me.  I need not say, but “if I only had more time”, the universe isn’t making anymore.  I’ll have to use wisely what I got……and it’s such a pleasure.  I read what inspires me.  I listen to what inspires me.  Do, I go outside of my normal, yep……freshness.  Do I like everything…….I try to put that in degrees.  I feel I get the maximum benefit with this type of attitude and approach.  Now, if I’m listening to some edgy punk rock….I may move on a bit more briskly to get away from the angst it tends to give me.  Must be an age thing.


You may not realize that you have such a source……..take some time and explore. Find out what it is that inspires you and do more of what inspires you.  Helps make the ‘best’ you.

Right now, I going pay attention to what inspires me, you do you.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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