Something I Don’t Believe In

Something I Don’t Believe In

This will probably be one of the shortest and fastest postings in history.  I’ll try to say as much as possible in as few words as possible.  Why?  For me the subject doesn’t deserve much more of my attention but it’s the annoyance of people endearing themselves to this that well, annoys me!!!

People will quite often say, “You have to experience the ‘bad’ to appreciate the good.”

To that I say, Poppycock!

Believe!!  Believe in something you want and enjoy!

These people are saying that in order for a man to enjoy and appreciate a good woman that he ‘must’ experience a loathsome, filthy, unkept, stinking, uneducated, alcoholic, druggie, gossiping, disrespectful, toothless, busy body, partially balding, burping, irritable, criminal woman to appreciate who they are with??

These people, are they saying that in order for a woman to enjoy and appreciate a good man that they too must experience a misogynist, unfaithful, beer belly, liar, abuser of physical, psychological, and emotions, disrespectful, unattractive, overweight fat burping slob, criminal, alcoholic, gotta go fishing, rather play golf, titty bar frequenter man to understand that she has a good man!!!!

I don’t believe we have to weather a storm to enjoy the tranquillity, to become ill to appreciate our health, to have a car repossessed to appreciate one’s financial situation.  I don’t believe anyone has to experience the negatives of life to appreciate the positives.  That simple.

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Believe!!  Believe and appreciate what you want just for what it is and your enjoyment!

I believe that in having what we want, using it, enjoying it and realizing that this is just what we want…..there’s a happiness and contentment.  I don’t need the negative side of life!!!  That’s sadistic!!  Some of these folks perpetrating this line of crap say no one can truly appreciate the good without the bad.  Well, you dear perpetrator are welcome to experience the bad if you can’t on it’s own appreciate the good.

I love the beach……I mean, I LOVE THE BEACH!!!  I don’t have to go without to appreciate the beach.  I enjoy the sand, the sunshine, the rain, the water lapping on the shore, the seashells, the creatures, the wind…..oh the sand between my toes!!!!   I LOVE THE BEACH!!!  I need not go without it to enhance my appreciation and love of the beach.  You can’t convince me of this!

Just Believe!

Okay, so this isn’t the briefest, but it was fast……..I just feel real strongly about this!  Don’t give up for a moment what you enjoy and appreciate for the negativity of not having……I also believe it’s a choice.

This is just Something I Don’t Believe!!!!


Peace, Love, and Beaches!


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