I Believe In A Curse

I Believe In A Curse

You know, like a family curse.  That keeps handed down.

I see it happen.  Active in people’s lives.  It’s real.

But, you see it’s only real because people carry it out.  They have some sort of commitment to an individual and that individual has parted something of importance to them and  ta da!  The curse is carried out.  Perhaps knowingly, perhaps not.

At any time, any time they could easily divorce themselves from this curse just by simply separating themselves from commitment and perhaps something that was bequeathed. Unless it’s money, then you’re up shit creek without a paddle.  Money changes people.  People will hold on to money!  But, then again, perhaps if they would use that money with an intelligent purpose they could make it thru.

Like this…..whatever you’ve been doing that’s going wrong using the money….do something different.  Hard to do…. The individual that bequeathed you that money also, bequeathed you the curse.  And there’s a cloudiness within the receiver that makes it hard.

I was bequeathed a life of unworthiness, poor self worth…..it’s real. I’ve been fighting for decades.

On my dad’s death bed he told me I’d never amount to anything.  Out of all the beatings, cruel punishments and cursing I believe that one to be the worst.
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Fortunately for me, it was also a motivation.  I’ve won.  While not in every aspect of my life, I’ve won. And I’m better for it.  And I’m still ‘fighting’.

And as I say, I observe others who were probably treated in much less a harsh way that have laid their hands to the plow and carried forth the burden of what was sent their way.

Each day is connected to the day before and day before that….  Much of what they do is reflected from where it came.  It’s almost as if they have embraced it.  And keep it alive to survive.
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If you think that maybe your lot in life is due to a ‘curse’.  My advice is not to go to some weirdo and pay them to break the curse.  Instead, you break it.  Is it from your mother, dad, grandfather, grandmother, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin and so do the line……Stop it. Stop it by not paying homage to whoever, stop it by breaking away from a decision pattern that subconsciously is based on pleasing that individual.  Stop it!

You can!!  It’s in your hands!  Do it for you, your family and your future.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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