Everybody’s Problems Are BIG!

Everybody’s Problems Are BIG!

Pat:  I’m not quite sure what to do.  I’m 2 payments behind on my car note, my mortgage just went past due and the finance company wants to garnish my wages.  I’m about go crazy!!!                                                  Me:  Hold on Pat….there’s got to be a sensible way to find some relief.  Have you asked any of your creditors for an extension, paying interest only for a few months, possibly do a consolidation loan?         Pat:  It’s useless they only want their money.  How am I gonna convince them to help me?                             Me:  Start with your mortgage that way you can tap *****INTERRUPTION******                                                  Pat:  You don’t understand….you never understand…..you always make things sound easy!!!  I’m going bankrupt, my wife is leaving me….even the dog doesn’t like me! My problems aren’t easy.

And so it goes…. Pat’s problem is BIG, and I don’t understand.

We all have problems….some just like Pat’s.   What happens is that Pat has become so ‘focused’ on the problems that the problems are the only thing that exist plus this is a highly personal problem.  To Pat, I’ve never experienced it and if I did never as badly as him. This is the Mother of All Problems.  And none of us have escaped the tentacles of this octopus!

I actually get very annoyed with these types of folks.  I’m not gonna give out some advice here…..I’m annoyed with them!!!

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I remember a Pat sharing his ‘problems’ with me and him just telling me that I have it so good and that I can’t possibly understand and that my life is ‘so easy’.

No since arguing with anyone in this situation, I’m not gonna win and neither are you.

I don’t have it easy…..but what I learned from this ‘Pat’, is that I make things look easy.  How???

Two things I do.  First I don’t talk about my problems. I’ve had them before and I’ll have some more, that’s life.  Secondly, I keep my eyes on my solutions and that’s where I focus my energies because the solutions are the only thing that I can do about my problem.  Oh, there is one more thing…..I try to avoid problems whenever possible.  Yeah, I know, I should have put ‘three things I do’…..  but I didn’t.

Maybe you are Pat.  Do the paragraph above.

If you know a Pat, …….let him sort it out, you can’t do any good here because, “Everybody’s Problems Are BIG!”

Everybody’s problems are big…….don’t frustrate yourself over trying to help them (oh, and keep your money in your pocket), they are the only ones in control.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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