How do you look?

How Do You Look?,

Crazy question, right?  We look absolutely gorgeous!

Or maybe not…..

I have startled myself in stores when I happen upon a mirror…..GADS!!!!  Sort of like, “who let you out!”

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What brings this on today? I was reading an article about Paul McCartney, fatherhood and style and there was this photo of he and Linda from 1971 rockin’ a mullet and blue jean jacket.  Back in the day I don’t believe it much mattered what Paul wore…..he just looked cool.  BUT, this isn’t about him.  I see the fellow in the background with a much shorter cut, black horn rim glasses, a much shorter hair style with a side part and ‘bushy side board sideburns’!!!  ?????  He’s decked out in a suit! Looking like a proper business man except for the much disturbing facial hair!  Did he not look in the mirror?  Does he have a mirror?  Is it a full length mirror?

And this isn’t actually about him either!!  He merely trigger the thought progression. It’s about any of us.

Here’s what I’m saying…..and I know it’s true about me.  I need an attitude adjustment, and it’s in the works. Myself, I just went thru a phase where I didn’t care and a I didn’t consult a mirror.  Regret.  Now, I’m paying a bit more attention and realize there’s things I need to be honest with myself about and proceed accordingly.

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I notice that most women pay a lot of attention to their face……some cases, honestly ladies a bit less make up and more you is what a guy is interested in.

I notice guys…..most of us are just sloppy.  Somewhere along the way we stopped caring or just gave up…..and there’s always that comfortable zone.  Once you reach that comfortable zone with your significant other and you begin taking things for granted then she ups and leaves you ass…….then you get off your ass start caring about how you look.  Good god man, pull yourself together!!  Brush your teeth!!

Incremental… happens over a period of time. Gradually and there’s no notice, until ACCCCKKKKK!!!!

Here’s a way to get our act back together……not where we fit in our favorite clothes anymore but where we experiment with changes.  GADS  I know!!!  Changes!!!!

Consider our weight and size…..the woman next to me on a train ride yesterday had too much body for her clothing.   Consider the style of clothing, consider the color of the clothing, consider the material of the clothing and perhaps consider a lifestyle change.

What looks good on someone else, may not look as good on us…..perhaps it would need some sort of modification consideration.

Some changes happen and we don’t have any input at all.  That’s life.

How do you look?

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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