Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger

I’m looking to see if any reader out there would like to write a guest blog for my site….

I don’t have too many rules.  Not for political endorsement but would love something satirical.  Nothing mean spirited, divisive, racist, angry, violent, hateful, etc.  I like things that are spirited, visual, uplifting, helpful, funny, insightful, etc.

What?  You’re scared!  HA!  Me too.  I’m scared each time I write something. So, of which I know are well, ‘yuck’…I could’ve done better.  But, if I try to make it better the odds are I’ll not be satisfied, thus I will not post anything.  And I accept the fact that it’s far better to do than to not do.

So.  Who wants to be my guest blogger?

Say what!!!  You don’t know what to write about???  Do this.  What’s interesting to you that fits within the guideline I’ve set above?  Now, just start writing. Spelling?  Don’t let that be an excuse for not doing.  Boring?  Surely what you’re interested in is not boring.  Worried no one will like it?  Another benign excuse.

Please be my guest blogger..just once.  The boogie man isn’t gonna do you any harm.  So, what’s to fear?

Write.  Just write. Then email it to me at; and in the subject line just put ‘guest blogger’….not ‘guess blogger’. Okay.

Don’t!!!!  Don’t overthink!  That’s the worst possible thing.  Do, read back over and see if you want to make any changes.  But during your read over, don’t throw away unless it entirely ‘SUCKS’!  If it sucks just a little, send it.  That’s just your opinion.
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Send me your guest blog entry and should it meet the above criteria I mentioned at the start, I will post it.  If I get 100’s, I will post them all.

I really think this could be a fun thing to do.  What do you have to lose????  Absolutely NOTHING!

Get to writing and do it NOW!!!!

Just this little entry right here for a ‘guest blogger’ was written in 8 minutes and contains around 350 words!

Just write it!!  You’ll probably surprise yourself.

Peace, Love, and Beaches


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