You Don’t Have To Holler!!

You Don’t Have To Holler!!

Have you ever noticed that during a debate or argument…..I’m particularly referring to when an individual is trying to convince another of a point, that some of these folks elevate the volume of their voice continuously until that are actually hollering!

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Why is it that they must continually increase their volume and worst yet, talk over the other individual they are debating??  Is it pure passion??  Possibly, at least to some extent.

My thought is that their point has far less validity and the more they allow the other person to be heard and making a case, the louder they get thinking that, that’s gonna make a difference. While all along it’s all about the content of their point.  They have lesser valuable content.  And another thing that happens is that they may have a prejudice that when a name or description comes up their anger takes hold and once again, this isn’t about the issue, which still has them in the same position.  I believe that I’d find what that prejudice is and use it to get them off track and continue to make my point while they sit there steaming and hollering even louder using their prejudice thinking they’re making their point.

For instance, there’s an awful lot of prejudice at the names of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.  Just the mention of either name will set people off, both liberals and conservatives.  So, I’d have to reference one of those names as a distraction while still making my point.

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Why did I bring that up??  I have a ‘fake’ $100,000 bill on my desk near my keyboard.  It’s a reminder of a goal….and I like the look of they bill.  It has Ronald Reagan’s image on it.  I thought that if someone saw it, it wouldn’t be the $100,000 bill that they would notice, but rather the image of Ronald Reagan.  For me, it could be Tupac Shakur!!!  I’m not interested in the image, I’m interested in the value of the bill regarding my goal.

While my personal goal is of no value to another individual, the fact that a controversial image is on it is important to them and will set them off.

Do I need to holler to make my point?  Even being passionate about a subject, ideology, issue, etc. do I need to be hollering!  NO!!!  But, I must ‘know’ what I’m talking about and have a factual position.  Leave the other to do the hollering, I’ll just make my point.  I know how to stick to a point.

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Remember, you don’t have to holler. Just be right.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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