Too Many Critics

Too Many Critics

Are you one of them?  Critics.  On your favorite social media site, do you every chance criticize whatever is the topic of the moment for you?  Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, immigrants, protestors, Democrat Party, Republican Party, the neighbors party, the choice of someone’s words, etc.  Ya got the idea!!!

As I’m looking thru the week at the postings on my most used social media (I need to change that), all I’m seeing is the sides people have chosen, not the why as to their choice but rather screaming some repeated lie/misinformation or such.  It’s rather tiring.

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Do we as individuals really need to ‘bash’ someone or something to make us feel better of ourselves.  I’m not seeing any real purpose in this. You’ll say, “Well, John it’s Freedom of Speech.”  Oh, yeah, that’s right. How about speaking fondly of what it is that or who you’re supported us, you believe in.  Why not that??  I’d rather hear of the merits of your position rather than the bashing of whatever.  Or, maybe you don’t know the merits????  Aha!!!  I may have stumbled across something here.  What and why you believe and support. I’m not referring to opinion…..something of substance.  Something ‘true’.  Can you make me believe or support with passion.

Too many critics.  Useless criticism.  useless.  You’d do better with your time spent making mud pies.  (I’m not quite sure where that came from!!!  Mud pies!  HA!)

It’s like….if you can’t say anything bad about whatever, don’t say anything at all!!  GADS!!!  What have we become!!!

Yesterday, not sure how I came across this…..but I was on youtube and I came across this interview/press conference of the Beatles. A short snippet, 3 minutes and 27 seconds. Paul is speaking and it appears he’s addressing the reasoning around writing Yellow Submarine but when you get to the 40 second mark it’s a very biting commentary on America and this was back in 1966!!  Our ‘scruples’.  How we turn things around from the intention to fit whatever point of view we choose rather than accepting it for it’s intention.  Hmmmmmm.  Here’s the link:

So, Paul is criticizing the critics.  He’s attempting and doing a pretty good job of defending he and his mates I’d say.

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I think I’ve wandered a tad off point.  The point of the video is how we as American’s are a contentious sort (my words) and it was recognizable back in the 60’s!

I guess being a critic empowers some people.  But I’d rather be empowered by praising and speaking well of.

I know I’m not gonna change things……but, I’m not gonna join the critics either.  I think I’ll find me a nice little island in the Caribbean and disappear.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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