Benefits of Herbs, Vitamins, and Supplements

Benefits of Herbs, Vitamins, and Supplements

Seems as there’s a natural solution to most of our aches and illness.  We’re basically undernourished!  And basically overweight!  What a dichotomy!

In order to retain the proper nutrient or vitamins we have to consume some ungodly amount of food that contains the dietary need.  So, our diet must be supplemented with pills and capsules and in some cases injections.

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I hadn’t thought of our bodies being designed as inefficient to consume and use foods to nutritionally  balance our system.

The benefits of herbs, vitamins, and supplements is well documented.  It seems everything is becoming the magic bullet.  Every herb, vitamin, and supplement is having its 15 minutes of fame.  Everyone is becoming an expert, some are even touting their own complex of supplements under life changing advertisements.

But!  Are any of the herbs, vitamins, and supplements doing ‘any’ good?  I believe yes! But, not to the extent advertised, hoped or wished.  If not, then why?

There’s multiple reasons why. Because there’s so many supplements out there I’ll give you the most generalized reasons and suggest that on your own, do some long, hard research.

The recommended dosage does not garner the intended results.  In some cases the dosage may be irrelevant for the reason you purchased this silver bullet.

Use ‘iron’ for an example. Not all iron supplements are created equal, “The different forms of iron in supplements contain varying amounts of elemental iron. For example, ferrous fumarate is 33% elemental iron by weight, whereas ferrous sulfate is 20% and ferrous gluconate is 12% elemental iron [18]. Fortunately, elemental iron is listed in the Supplement Facts panel, so consumers do not need to calculate the amount of iron supplied by various forms of iron supplements.”  (source is

Also, it’s absorption my be inhibited by calcium.

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It’s not as simple as these ‘life changing’ advertisements make it claim.

I was reading the advertisement and endorsement concerning a major product boasting it’s HGH.  Turns out that the amount of HGH contained in the product is .00000202% of the smallest effective amount.  This product retails form $75 to $175 dollars!!!

The benefits of herbs, vitamins, and supplements is very beneficial to the marketers of these products.

Do I have an answer…?  Yes.  Save your money and proceed with caution.  Research!  What is the meaning of Recommended Daily Allowance?  What is the meaning of Adequate Intake?  What is the meaning of Estimate Average Requirement? What is the meaning of Tolerable Upper Intake Level?

Also to consider is your medication, what health issues you have and do some research on that because the herb, vitamin, and supplement could have a negative impact on your health or your health issue may void the herb, vitamin, and supplements intended benefits.

Another consideration would be the timing of taking and co-consumption effects.

There’s a lot more to this than being motivated by an advertisement, an acquaintances endorsement and your initial impression.

Take some time, save some money and do some serious research.  There’s some great resources out there.

Yes there are benefits to herbs, vitamins, and supplements.  Just go in understanding what you expect, and what’s realistic with the marketed products.

Proceed at your own risk.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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