Adventure—–something that happens to someone else.

Don’t we think that?  That adventure is something that only happens to others?  We see them having fun and we, well we’re just living the same daily story over and over again.

For instance, Jim and Chris and their cross country escapades.  They just returned from the San Francisco after touring the Napa Valley wineries. The stories they tell me, the people and the places, the foods……WOW!  They’re cleaning up their gear, checking up on their friends and relatives, sharing photos, and planning their next adventure.  I think they something about Baja.  Me, for those past 4 months I’ve been on time for work most of the time, my air conditioner in my car went out and I can’t afford to fix it and I gained 8 pounds.

Where’s my adventure??

Carol and her significant other (a real nose job) are traveling to Turkey, Greece, Italy and France for the next several months. They say they may just keep going!!!  Me, I’ve got to find a way to the grocery store, oh and I have a doctor’s appointment sometime next week so I’ll need to check the bus routes. Then I’m having a root canal.  Along the way I’m sure I’ll eat some turkey, fry some food in grease, have some authentic Italian pizza from the fast food pizza joint and maybe if I’m lucky during that time I’ll engage in a french kiss……if I’m real lucky.

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So, where’s my adventure?

Harry’s joining a dirt bike riding circuit, Sally leaving for a retreat resort for massages, hot waxes, and buffed bodies, Jimmy started a band and traveling with a tour, Mindy is remodeling an old house she just bought and says she’s gonna resell it shortly, Maxine has her own comic strip…, tomorrow I’m gonna watch a rerun of Gilligan’s Island. I sure do like that Mary Ann.

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So, where’s my adventure?  In my own hands that’s where it is. If I want to put some adventure in my life I have to take charge of my circumstances, come up with an idea….a wish…..a dream and put it down on paper as to how I’m going to achieve it!  I need to do it now, not tomorrow, now!  My now dictates my all my tomorrows and I can’t get different adventurous results without changing the doing. So I must do now!! That in itself….the different doing is an adventure!  I’m gonna be that someone else as I’m being me!!

Look out adventure, you have a new companion!!  ME!!!

Fact…..we do what we set out to do and what we do is what we want to do.  We can be adventurous as the ones we envy, we just need to do.

Peace and Love,


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