Give Yourself A Break

Give Yourself A Break

Not everything that we undertake will turn out like we’d like.  Not everything will be done in the time-frame we expect.  Not every detail may be tended to.  You know why?  There IS no perfection.  We may pronounce it as so, and that’s good, but nothing gets accomplished without resistance.  Particularly when what’s attempted is new to us.

So, Give Yourself A Break!!

There’s a lot going on in our lives….so many intangibles, so many unforeseens, so many variables we have no control of and it can frustrate.  But, I believe in just simply keeping our eye on the prize….if the prize is really worthy and it’s truly what we want, keeping our eye on the prize will motivate and see us through the obstacles.

Sounds simple…….try living my life for the past 3 months.  Not one thing, not even the simplest of things that I’ve done has turned out on time, without disaster, without spending more money than budgeted, not one thing stands perfect.  Well, except for my prize. And while that hasn’t changed, my approach to achieving and enjoying is very fluid.

Give Yourself A Break!!!  Me too!!!!

Having my pool resurfaced has been a 3 month long nightmare, that hopefully will be resolved within the next 24 hours.  It was supposed to be a simple fiberglass resurfacing job……..2 contractors later……I’m still not quite finished.  Maybe some legal action on the way here.  So, none of this is perfect and it’s very expensive and emotionally exhausting.  One’s mind tends to chase rabbits during the course of such events which is a total worthless waste of time and energy.  Yeah, me too.

I buy all my cars for the past 18 years from the same dealership.  I have confidence in this dealership.  I only buy used cars…..low to moderate mileage.  I buy this car which will not be named.  Great price, decent mileage.  I arrive, take it for a test drive. It’s fine, very roomy which is one of the components I liked.  Signed all the paperwork, liked the size of the monthly payment.  To quote Charlie Sheen, “I’m Winning”.  Not quite… least not yet.  I’m driving on Hwy 19 and I accelerate and the car in turn hesitates, no biggie, I get up to about 40 miles per hour and the front of the car shakes so violently I think the vehicle is gonna come apart!!!   And it does this everytime I reach 40 mph!!!  Now the hesitation on acceleration is more noticeable and consistent.  So, I bring the vehicle back, they tell me what appears to be wrong and will get right on it.  In turn they provide me with a loaner.  Fair deal.

I’m not too keen on the loaner, the previous owner smoked and they hadn’t detailed it yet.

The problem(s) with the vehicle seem to be more than the dealership anticipated…..they are now 3 days into fixing what as they explained was replacing the spark plugs and wires along with front wheel assembly and they had everything available the first day.  I have a provision provided by the State of Florida that the dealership has to take the vehicle back in 5 days if I am so inclined.  On the 4th day, I pull the trigger on this provision and am happy I did….for a couple dollars more I found a nice vehicle, newer model with less miles…….I’m satisfied.

Not everything goes according to plan, give yourself a break, relax and work the best possible solution on your behalf.  Giving yourself a break is the best possible thing to do in all situations, if you don’t you tend to take too much blame and things can spiral out of control.

So, give yourself a break!!

Did I mention this is costing me a lot of money????  I’m giving myself a break, better things are on the way.

Peace, Love, and Beaches

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