Removing BAD From Our Vocabulary

Removing BAD From Our Vocabulary

Can you do it?

Why would anyone do it?

We grew up on this word.  You are bad. That is bad for you. Those people are bad. Bad, bad, bad!!  Dang it, if we even read about the benefits of something for our health someone is going to point out…’s BAD!

Bad is such a negative word. It’s actually unfair, the amount of weight and consideration we tend to give this word.  We seem to be so easily impressed by those 3 letters.

So, let’s eliminate it from our vocabulary, and that includes any response we may have to that 3 letter word.

But how?  It’s such a vital word in the English language.

I’ve a simple method of riding it from our vocabulary.

Replace ‘bad’ with various degrees of good or wording of acceptance.

Like this……That really wasn’t as good as I expected. Another would be I’d have preferred a more favorable outcome. I can do better.

Are you getting the idea?

Why would I suggest ridding our vocabulary of ‘bad’?

Well, first because it’s not ‘good’.  And not everything that isn’t good needs to be spoken of with such negativity. Am I being less than honest by not defining something as ‘bad’.  No, because I am acknowledging the lack of a desired out come. But when you define something as ‘bad’, it really may not be ‘bad’ to another individual, it may very well be ‘good’, so we remove our negative judgement and we have a better feeling of ourselves and a particular outcome, experience or product. Plus others may be influenced and have a better experience because of describing in positive terms.

Removing BAD from our vocabulary can and will bring about good results.

Improve yours and others lives by expressing in values of good.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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