Expressions of Freedom

Expressions of Freedom

We do live in a GREAT country.  We have a certain and ill-defined freedom of expression. Which we are all entitled to, majorities, minorities and all in-between.  We can be rude, truthful, lie, praise, we can even be vulgar.

Expressions of Freedom can be found everyday and in all walks of life.  Those expressions can be delightful and annoying.  They can be inviting and repulsive.

With our present day media and social networking it can be intrusive to the point that it’ll raise our blood pressure!!

So, how do we handle these expressions of freedom, retain our own right and sanity.

4 Keys

  1. Regulate our consumption of news media according to what we perceive the intention is of the media.
  2. Refuse to engage anyone’s ideas that are based on anger, hate and violence.
  3. Control your energy and focus. Don’t keep something alive that is better off weakened and remove from your circle of enjoyment.
  4. Promote Peace…..  If violence and arguments were the solutions then all problems would have been solved long ago. But Cain and Able still exist today.

All lives matter.  So, when it comes to choosing, leave the ones that promote jobs, causes, races, etc. alone…..

Politics.  Choose wisely.  Don’t choose against, choose on behalf of the one you believe in……and try not pay attention to their habits, dress, speech patterns, or anything that can distract you from good sound judgement based on principles you have set in your life. Look for content. Above all don’t choose because of party affiliation…..that’s never a good reason.  But then, that is an expression of freedom.

O.J. Simpson!!!  People are still debating whether he is guilty or innocent!!!  I’m not paying enough attention to recall how many years ago that was…..but it’s a while.  And he was tried in a court of law which I have no control over, plus there’s the issue of ‘double jeopardy’!!!  Leave it alone people!!!

Although, that too is an expression of freedom.

This is a GREAT country!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,

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