When Is The Best Time To Poop

When Is The Best Time To Poop

I thought about this while I was re-reading an article from a year ago entitled “When’s The Best Time To Take a Shower”.  And it just dawned on me, if the time of day to shower is so important so must be ‘pooping’.

I’m an expert in pooping.  I put forth a bit of research and effort and came to some spellbinding conclusions.

Let me say first, I had to get thru a lot of shit to come up with this shit…….along with ‘poop’ breaks.

Something that really stood out during my research was the various aromas that could accompany poop.  How it related to the texture, firmness or wateriness.  But, that wasn’t the main focus of my research.

I must remember to stay on subject.  There’s so much shit that could be covered!!!!  WOW!  But anyway, “When is the best time to poop”?

I’ve spent a lot of time trying out the various times of the day….even set my alarm clock for a ‘poop’ time.  I found a wide range of benefits depending on the time of day.  Like competition for the toilet….early hours is a hands down winner.  Comfort of temperature of the toilet seat…..definitely not in the early morning hours, I found it best to go right after a woman has taken a piss…..it’s just such a nice feeling and there’s no odor to co-mingle with mine (allows for an all around great experience). Competition gets a bit more fierce in the afternoon and early evening time which doesn’t really allow for a very enjoyable ‘poop’, people knocking on the door, asking questions, RUSHING me!!! Not the best experience.  I think I say ‘yes’ to the wrong questions…..

I also tried out ‘pooping’ in restaurant (both fast food and casual dining),  convenience stores, hotel lobby restrooms, RV restroom, car dealership restrooms, mall public restrooms but I avoided ‘pooping’ in parks. Looking for a variety in ‘pooping’ experiences and observing the impact of the time of the day……more on that at a later date.

So, when is the best time to poop?

The perfect time is when you just gotta ‘poop’!  This is the winner!  I know you were all anxious for the answer. Simple I know, but really, who wants to hold on to that shit!!  Second is the early morning…..relaxing, unrushed, quiet, peaceful, just an all around good time for ‘poop’.  Third is right after a woman pisses……can’t get that one out of my mind…. not sure why.

So, that’s it!

Drop  ’em and ‘poop’!!

I’ll have more poop stories to share on some future blogs.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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