3 Things We All Know When We Wake

3 Things We All Know When We Wake

Well must of us…..there’s a few I guess that don’t and probably won’t.  Hehehehe

3 Things:

    1. Thing #1!  We know our name.  Perhaps we have more than one, but we know it. Perhaps we’re known by another, but we know it. And perhaps we have a sweet cuddly nickname, this we know too.  So to start off the day, we’re getting a good start.  We know our name(s).
    2. Where we woke up at.  While it may not come to us right away, we know where we woke up at.  We may have to look out the window, ask someone, check our GPS on the cell phone, go outside, look for a note from the night before or other piece of evidence but we eventually know where we woke up at.
    3. We gotta piss!!  Couldn’t leave this one out.  Actually I should have probably listed this first as that’s the morning march. And there’s two things that make it worse!!!  You know that gotta go feeling!!!  When you’re so comfortable under the covers and we don’t want to leave the bed, so we prolong as long as possible and then it’s Katy bar the door!!!!  The other time which I just hate is when it’s cold.  First off I don’t like cold, but to get out of a nice comfy, warm bed is just a sin (and not one of the fun versions of sin either). I hate it, I hate it!!!  Oh, and that first piss that I hold off taking because of the 2 mentioned reasons…….is such a rush, almost orgasmic!!!  Yeah, like you wanted to hear that!

 There it is, 3 things we all know when we wake.

But, hey, don’t limit yourself……add a few more to fit your life…..drop me a note that speaks to it’s absurdity.  Should be fun!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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