Struggles On The Way

Struggles On The Way

Struggles on the way to where you want to go in life.

They are real. And can be real frustrating. And the frustrations are real.  So how do we handle those frustrations?

I’ve found 2 simple methods of dealing with my frustrations:

  • Ignore the frustrating event or source.  If you or I give in just because of frustration we miss out on 2 very important aspects of our journey. Strengthening and endurance.  Two very important qualities that will take us most anywhere we would like to go, to do most anything we would like to do.  I’ve begun to view my frustrations as an expected part of the journey, particularly a new adventure. Another thing I see it as is just a fog, it’s temporary…..the further I venture in the less of a problem it is and eventually….it’s gone.
  • Carry on.  Nobody gets where they want to go by giving up.  Carry on!  Eventually you and I will get where we want to go.  Imagine you were on a 500 mile journey and a few miles in you have a flat tire, a hundred miles later you run out of gas, 25 miles later you stop for a bite to eat,  a bit later you have a small fender bender and you’re thinking what’s going on!!! I’ll never get there!!!  So, you quit and you’re correct, you won’t get there.  But!!!  But, on the other hand if you carry on regardless of what ever obstacles that may pop up, we will get there.

Frustrations are a part of life as breathing is a part of life.  Understand it’s  gonna be there.  There’s no avoiding it.  Right now, I’m dealing with frustrations on a number of fronts in my life……the only thing I know to do from my experience is to ignore and carry on.  Unless I don’t want what I’m working for.

There’s struggles on the way.

I could say more…..but this is about the most useful I need to be at this time.

Have a FAB day, and better yet, a FAB life!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,



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