The Art of a Solution……..

The Art of a Solution

I believe there’s a solution to a problem, most any problem that has not been considered by those of us working to solve a problem.  Sounds a bit broad, but that’s because I first intend it to be and secondly, that’s the way it should be.


Because some of the solutions that are staples to problems aren’t really solutions, but rather accepted as solutions…..and I’ll blame first intellectual laziness and second, well second could be any number of things but one thing is that there may be opposition to your solution because it’s out of the ordinary….doable but out of the ordinary.

Take a moment to think when you had a problem and you were frustrated thru the solution portion when you perhaps exasperatedly succumb to the available solution but you weren’t really satisfied.  Think…..

The art of a solution……is…..

What if there were other solutions available but unknown because the at hand solution is presented as the only solution.  In most cases this is beneficial solely to the provider of the solution and they don’t want you to stray.  Readily available is not necessarily the best option.

Think for a moment back when you were talking with a friend, relative, or acquaintance and they were in the throes of a problem and asking for advice and each time you present an alternative, they pass on it…….everyone has that experience. The person with the problem is affixed to the problem and what is quite likely a poor solution.  Self-destructive.  But why???  Could be that any alternative solution is more intimidating than the easily available solution.  Failing at implementing the solution may be another reason….  Not looking for additional options for solutions.  Whoa is me attitude.  Victim attitude.

Think for a moment when you were the one with the problem and asking a friend, relative, or acquaintance for advice for a solution while you were in the throes of a problem.  How receptive were you to other solutions?  How receptive?

The art of a solution is…….

Alternative thinking….some call it thinking outside the box.  It’s easier though to just use that as a cliche’ term than actually dig in and do it.  Scientist are the BEST example because all things are possible when they first start out……then it’s hands on.

Don’t be boxed in to taking the first or only solution you believe to be available.  Doing something different my be a little awkward or difficult at first but so was walking and riding you bike when you didn’t yet know how.

The art of a solution is…….

Expand your thought horizons! Use your personal creativity (even if someone else gives you an idea) to work thru the problem…….that in itself is an adventure.  If you don’t believe that you have a creative side……think for a moment, your problem just didn’t happen.  Thru a series of decisions and subsequent events, you created the problem, you just don’t see it.  The only other way to get a problem is to get involved with someone else and that is on you once again.

Now, go forth and create solutions…..your solutions!

Have a really FAB day!

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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