What Did I Learn…………..??

What Did I Learn??

I’m really not trying to overthink this……but I’m looking at my life a bit different today.


Well, yesterday I posted two very different pictures of myself on one of my social network sites.  They are a bit of time ago but not ancient and within a few years.

One is a picture with my hair long, I’m bearded and I have one of my famous beach hats on behind my tiki bar at home. Mostly I guess it’s my ‘beach bum’ look.  Very comfortable. Not necessarily eye candy.  And I had a few people like it.  2 comments, one not very flattering.  Okay.

The other picture is with my hair shortly cropped, sunglasses, neat t-shirt sitting in a chair on the beach.  Ft. Myers Beach to be exact.  I’m clean shavin in it I might add.  I don’t believe I’ve ever gotten that many likes on ‘any’ posting I’d ever made before, and the comments!!!  WOW!!!   Oh so flattering.

This made me think as a awoke this morning.  2 things distinctly.

  • People definitely like me looking cleaner cut, shaven, dressed a bit less sloppy……I’m smiling in both, so that maybe doesn’t matter as much.  But my appearance seems to make me more pleasing and acceptable to people.  Not bad.  I realized that, that’s something I need to do, to consider.  After all, I have this public image, right???  So, I’m tempering and gauging me as of today.  Superficial, perhaps. But I like being liked and complimented.
  • I’m the same person in both photos. The pic that I look like my ‘beach bum’ enigma, I’m at home at my tiki bar by my pool.  The pic that I look like I just slipped out of my suit with my clean cut look, I’m at the beach!!  I’m the same person but, I’m viewed an maybe judged differently. Good or bad is irrelevant.

So, what does that mean to me?  I’m not sure. I’m still taking in the response.  Both pics are me!!!  The same person underneath!!!  Honestly I’m baffled!  Maybe a bit hurt.  And, I know I can basically express myself here as I don’t believe any of those people read my blog!!

I maybe overthinking in this very moment……walking away for another cup of coffee to clear that!

Prior to this particular adventure I had decided to make some changes, appearance changes too……they just happen to take place on the same day.  I’m bald headed now….. I figured it would be symbolic of my changes that my life is under going……and I wanted to do it. So, I did.  It just happens to be on the same day of my posting and my following revelations.

At the same time I came across some of Bruce Lee’s journal writings which just GRABBED me!!!  Those entries speak to me, so much so, I’ve entered them in to my journal.

Changes, I’ve written about that before, and…..likely I’ll write about them again.

What did I learn??

I’m not sure I want to know the answer to be honest about it.  I would hope that the people that call me friend and correspond with me wouldn’t care…….but it appears to be otherwise….

So, what did I learn??

I think I’m learning to leave certain things that can affect me negatively alone.  That’s what I learned.

I’m at peace……I think.

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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